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    It's not your regular databook. We get cards with info every months about all the OP characters.
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    Well, the difference between the vsbattles and OBD version, is that vsbattles used the normal meteor speed using OP's world size, while narutoforums did a 1 minute timeframe. Hence why vsbattles could calc the KE of the meteor, while narutoforums couldn't because of an outlier result.
    I honestly prefer the vsbattles version, since I think that authors don't really think about the fact of how long meteors would need to travel through the atmosphere. They just think of a meteor, and show it falling down.
    Which Kuzan calc?
    Also, I'm really unsure how Doffy turning buildings into strings can be calculated, since it's kind of limited reality warping.
    And the problem with the KKG calc is that it assumes a 1 second timeframe, which is not viable when calculating feats. This is the reason there's no way to really calc KKG using KE, and which is why there are no accepted KKG calcs.
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    Btw, I know that these calcs aren't accepted on MF and NF, but if Bird Cage's durability could be calced, would it scale to Gear 4 Luffy in your opinion?
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    Yep, I checked it, and it's false. I already told it to the admin, but since I'm not a calc member he sadly didn't really listen.
    The problem is, I'm not even sure if this feat would yield good results using the "shockwave" method. As said in NF, the magnitude is actually far lower, which would make this calc in the low megatons most likely.
    Whitebeard scales to the admirals anyways, so this calc doesn't affect him that much.
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    Also the "island level lowball" for Wahl's etherion on vsbattles is just.. wrong. It's using a low-low-end feat to justify an outlier. Not to mention that the feat itself is BS. I personally think that the spriggans are around mountain level, and so does base natsu.
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    Trying my best.

    I do agree that Multi-Continent level is a huge stretch, but I can't really argue against it, since it makes sense going by vsbattles logic.

    Personally, I think that Animus/Dragonification Natsu do NOT scale to Dragon Cry, and that using the "destruction of Ishgar" to get the Dragon Cry results is wrong, since the feat happened overtime.
    I'd say the best bet is to use the "dozens of times stronger than etherion" multiplier, which would result in continent level+. And this should scale only to RoT Dragon Acno in my opinion. 7FD Natsu should scale to Etherion, as well as normal dragon acno and RoT human acno. FH Zeref is shaky.

    But yeah, the standards at vsbattles are different from here, so there is some stuff I can't really do.
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    Perfect I think it is time for us to reach out to other verses like Hunter x Hunter, Marvel, DC, Naruto, Bleach and many more. True that is the main problem maybe we should set some rules to counter those downplay/wank of his and I have seen those arguments he makes they are just terrible "they stop at Racer" without knowing how broken is the KoBNHA is.

    It is a Tag Team Tournament partners will be randomised and we only allowed City/Mountain characters not having any extremely high end Hax ability as for the date I think it is a day or two after when all the candidates have successfully registered.
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    You think we should focus on more threads rather than FT Vs. OP it is kinda getting stressful with all the wank and downplay so what is your thought's about it?

    Btw wanna join the Tag Team Tournament I think you would make a very interesting contender?
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    Anyways I have a question for you do I go overboard when debunking wank/downplay?
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    Yep I just wanted to try something new for now.
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