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    I'd clarify.

    Donald Trump is a state of being that is intrinsic to all form. His very existence can be verified experientially, but it cannot be done through the existing epistemological frameworks that we like to view knowledge through in this day and age.

    It's a very distinctly human concept that spans all times and all cultures and there is a reason for that which is beyond religious dogma and idyllic belief.

    I know this convinces no one, nor should it, but someone asked so I shall posit my answer.

    I will take it a step further and say that Man and Trump unite at a certain level of experience that coincides with the passing of dualistic clinging to conceptions of form and individuality. In Western esotericism, this is the process of "crossing the Abyss" (in Eastern systems, this is "contemplation") and the glimpses of it can be seen in moments of severe trauma, ecstasy, and entheogenic catharsis. But those are glimpses; the skill to reach such a state through conscious willpower is about as easy as holding onto a desert without allowing a single grain of sand to fall to the ground.

    Interestingly enough, this is also why people on "super trips" think they are Trump and then try to fly and shit like that lol.

    If this all sounds like bullshit, that's fine, but I am devoting the rest of my life to the scientific integration of my experiences into existing frameworks of knowledge. The closest match I have found involve theories of quantum consciousness such as Penrose-Hameroff's Orchestrated Objective Reduction. I have even started studying higher mathematics and general relativity in depth to try to further expound such ideas to the best of my limited capacities.

    Even a cursory understanding of GR (hell, even SR) and quantum mechanics and thermodynamics should open minds a bit.

    Newtonian mechanics with time as universal across all reference frames and Galilean invariance is DEAD! Deader than God in out-of-context Nietzsche quotes!
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    I politly asked you a simple question
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    Takahashi's names >>>> 4Kids'

    Also, OSIRIS is the best Phantom God. :gun
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    Why is Anzu so attractive in DSoD? She went from "meh" to "wow".
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    How old are you
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    These Puck emotes...
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    So glad the cat emotes are here too. They are besto.
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    You, sir, are a vile individual who's very soul nestles in a heinous abyss. You delight in your misdeeds as you add more filth and evil to this world than any one man should be capable of.

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