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    Actually on second thought don't do that. Instead, I recommend you find a prominent building in the middle of the city and scale it off that. That way nobody can complain. That's also how I scaled the town where the Fairy Tail guild resides (The name escapes me right now); I scaled it off the huge cathedral in the center of the town and from there it was easy.

    There are at least a few far out shots of the city that I remember, so your only real challenge here is to find the prominent building towards the middle. And considering how often they are seen in the city, that shouldn't be too difficult.
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    If the arena is further back it could be a problem. It will skew the sizes, even if it's only by a little. It'll especially be noticeable if the area is big. However, if there are any buildings or landscape near the arena, you could scale that landscape to the arena, then in another scan scale the building to the city itself.
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    are you a Rave fan as well or just a FT fanboy?
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    Ok, let's see...

    This is the feat, right?

    I'm surprised this feat has even been scaled. It's really not a good view of the explosion to begin with. The only way to get the size would be to figure out the general size of the mountain range, and even that's a little shaky (Though i recall Naruto was given some liberties with "General" mountain sizes too). Honestly it's very debatable whether a mountain was destroyed there or not. The blast was headed for the general vicinity of one of the mountains, but it's not a sure thing.

    Anyway, didn't you say you could scale it off the stadium? Using a building has been done before for a Bleach calculation as I recall, but it's not as solid.
  5. I got mine.

    Playing on Proud.

    Raging a lot.
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    No, but I'll probably be able to get it next week.
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    Fair enough, I can at least look it over. Just PM it to me when it's ready.
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    Well like I've been saying, my days of doing calculations are pretty much over. Keep in mind it's been around two years since I've done a major calculation or scaling, so there's probably better people you could find at this point.
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    I think I remember you from NF. You weren't called Revenant though... anyway I'm pretty sure people got mad at you because you were trying to "Boost" your favorite series needlessly. I mean, tons of people in the obd do that anyway, they're just more subtle about it.

    But that is one of the main reasons I stopped doing calculations. I'm not interested in the fictional dick measuring contest, just getting accurate results... also Mothergrea's roar being just above Natsu's final attack on Hades could just be an example of inconsistent showings. It happened to Bleach in the most extreme way possible when you compare Ulquiorra's feats to Aizen's. It could also be a mistake in someone's scaling too I suppose. I haven't seen a scaling of Mothergrea's roar.
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