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    In before overpriced tickets.
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    I thought you were a big fan man.

    Good news for Murica though. Together with Canada and Mexico, you will be the hosts for the 2026 World Cup.
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    Are you following the World Cup?
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    It's more that I'm kinda dependent on Xenforo features for my current Mafia play.

    I'll look at playing Mafia here later on (I have 2 games ongoing now, and I'm a sub for another).
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    Maybe. I actually find Vbulletin difficult to use (compared to Xenforo), so I'm not sure.
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    The manga is still going, there's actually a new chapter coming out tomorrow.
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    Do continue, it only gets better.

    And do consider starting the manga after.
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    No apologies needed. I'm several months late, haha. I actually typed up a response a long time ago but lost it before I could post it. That said...

    Yeah, it was a really nice touch at the end of Gojira, I thought. And yeah, the first atomic breath scene is the most beautiful sequence of the film, though there were plenty of nice shots throughout. I was blown away the first time I saw it. They did a good job of modernizing original problem that Godzilla presented in the present day and played it pretty well. There was indeed a weight to the decisions that were made and good tension throughout. I appreciated that they were able to bring a fresh and serious tone to the film and were allowed to do different things with Godzilla's origin. I too was taken aback with the forms and it had additional surprises.

    The political focus was also something that I really liked as we haven't really seen that done seriously before. I can't think of a single giant monster film that does anything with the political and governmental ramifications of an enormous beast showing up on their shores. Usually it's ignored or only relegated to what the military can do. It was really interesting and something I truly enjoyed.

    For the 2014 film, I thought it was OK. Indeed, you can see that there's a huge difference in what the filmmakers want to say with Godzilla. Whereas Shin had a message the American film didn't really have much of substance to say (though not every film needs to have an overarching theme or moral). Unfortunately the characters were pretty bland and the main character, soldier #3,058, was a snoresfest. I did like the environment that they tried to create with the giant monsters though. There was a lot of effort into making these creatures seem like actual animals that belonged to the world, if not removed from their proper time. I also liked what they did with nuclear energy (it being a feeding source for Godzilla was something from The Return of Godzilla that came out in 1984) but I don't know if they'll fully utilize such an interesting concept, unfortunately. Here's to hoping in the next film.

    Finally, with Kong, they said that he was still young in Skull Island so he'll grow substantially and possibly be ready come Godzilla vs King Kong.
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    Gonna have to look more into it Not sure how many a miles a day I walk

    not at all I've been thinking about joining a gym but there are several things that could get in the way of that
    I don't even know what I should start to eat, but I guess I'll figure it out
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    9 miles does it? Interesting

    I forgot we we had one, think I will. A little less than I should be I think, about two meals a day and all

    that's good to hear thought that it wouldn't have been enough or it wouldn't be the correct way to go about it
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