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    That and it's just an insignificant crush, I'm pretty sure most people moved on from petty nonsense like this by now. And thanks. I try not to fall into that line of "nice guys get the short end of the stick" though, since it seems like an entitled mindset or thing to say. Most of the nice guys who complain about girls liking assholes are mostly just salty usually, and they don't ever want to take responsibility. I think confidence is key with women for the most part tbh, and even then it's not like it's the guarantee to getting in.

    I appreciate that though Zu, it means a lot. Sometimes guys just have to talk without the fear of being called weak or pussies.

    By realistic I just mean life advice and the like. If you're feeling generous, feel free to browse this site called Quora which is basically dedicated to writers.

    What kind of car are you hoping for, and you said you're planning on transferring to a different uni this year, right? As for becoming less lazy, I think that's just a daily battle you never truly overcome, so just dedicate yourself to tackling it one by one and maybe setting aside some lazy time every now and then. I would tell you about your running, but I'm not too knowledgeable about it to be honest. So good luck in that, I suppose.

    What's your Target job again?

    It kind of is but I should be fine. I'm studying Information Technology and am hoping to be a developer soon enough, actually planning on landing an internship this year. My midterms this week are on Database Concepts and Java Programming, and last week I took my Information Assurance midterm, which I got a 91% on.
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    Yeah, it's not like she intended to make me feel the way I do. As I said, it's more the connection's fault. Who I was at the time, what she wanted, and other stuff that impacts everything. It just makes me upset that I've spent literally years on this, since next year will make it 10 years since we've officially met. I've only really liked one other girl besides her in that time. And I actually did hear her say something that kind of made me think lesser of her to some extent.

    Yeah I do, but recently I've been getting into more realistic content.

    Just anxiety about the future and how things change as you get older; as well as all the uncertainty in the world and past friendships and such.

    That's what's up man! Glad you've got solid goals this year. What are they, exactly? And do you like your Target gig?

    School is decent, it's work and finances that make this year bad so far. Though even on school, I have two midterms this week and I expect them to be fairly challenging and intimidating.
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    It's alright, that's why I asked about you in the CB. And yeah, that definitely seems like me. Thing is, I wanna let go, but not in an entitled or bitter kind of way. Just one that says, "oh hey, we're not compatible, but it's not her fault or my fault, but the connection's fault." I think when other people encourage others to move on, they say stuff like "fuck that bitch, she doesn't deserve you" but that's not fair at all to me. I don't hate her or anything, I just wanna stop feeling this way. I guess I was kind of looking for negative things about her to validate that train of thought, and I actually kind of did at one point, but I dunno if it would be right for me to look down on her when I've said worse.

    Yeah, that's definitely what it was. I also like to write and obviously there's a lot of analysis in that field, so that didn't help. It was like I was critiquing a story.

    Just because of that, and other negative thoughts. Have you been doing well at least?
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    You know, that sounds not too far off. Unfortunately we were never close enough to the point we hung out irl, but thanks to social media which I was on and off of I saw her again and decided to follow her and stuff. I just went through a lot of things with her and felt that bonded us on some level, since I'm big on meaningful relationships and don't like the idea of just drifting from some people. She's very beautiful, but personality wise she's kind of bleh though tbh.

    It is, but I like to view things as they are and I've always been analytical to a fault. Now I've stepped out of that and just laid the overthinking to the side somewhat.

    Social media, which sucks cause I was actually taking a break from it. But I like to lurk and well...
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    It's a pain I didn't think would still be present, kinda hard to explain. That is a good point. Thing is, I have a pretty good idea of how to deal with this situation. It just kinda sucks having your life revolve around a girl who doesn't feel the same way, and you know this and have dealt with it a million times, yet you can't really move on for whatever reason. I'm fine though, I view this as a potential blessing disguise. Thankfully, I've gotten better at finding the positive in negative situations like this. The worst part is just how I didn't have to know.

    I wouldn't say liked. I had serious feelings for her in middle school, then thought I liked her again in high school, and I guess because of how early it got into me (I had crushes before her, but I'd say she was my first serious serious one) it's just been hard fully moving on from her. That and the lack of excitement in life, keeping me from meeting new people also doesn't help.

    It's fine, Zu. I at least have guys like you as an outlet.
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    Girl whose presence is on and off in my life yet I can never seem to get completely off my mind has a new boyfriend. And if it is who I think it is, I think any chance I ever had is gone now. Even if it's not, it means I gotta quit entertaining the idea for a while. Which isn't bad on its own, considering I doubt I'd ever have the pair to just talk to her, but still. There's just a certain feeling it gives. Despite learning a lot about these things, I can't help but still feel bad.
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    Girl related, Zu. It sucks, cause I didn't have to see it, but curiosity killed the cat.
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    yeah, but in my case, it was because I knew I could graduate with it. if I actually went with something my parents wanted like a chemist or engineer, I probably wouldn't see myself graduating. probbly because I applied around the holidays, when its busiest and I needed to take a test to qualify for some positions. I think that put me in the back of the list.

    it gets better but I prefer you look at my EZ edits (which will be hard to find but my Suicide Squad one is in the CZ) and my gif cache thread in the art gallery.

    nope, I moved there some time after Katrina. did endure two direct hurricanes though

    I see, kinda like architectural engineering but focusing on the "from scratch stuff" instead of the blueprints/finished work
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    I was such a genius in school with all that but in college I really lost motivation in it. I was thinking of pursuing a job with the postal service but those bastards never even considered me


    yeah, I live Louisiana and Harvey was projected to go there next.

    that long? man, that sucks but I wish you luck. and Materials Engineering? I don't think I've ever heard of that, what is it exactly?
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