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    Glad to hear you're enjoying it. The humor of the series contrasting the darker half is something that really draws me too it. It's one of the things the anime seems to fall short of so far, but I'm still enjoying it.
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    1 - Pretty much, yes. Said theory can be what puts you on the scent, so to speak, but then you have to be careful in regards to confirmation bias. It's a fine balance between keeping your mind open and looking for things to confirm the theory. That's where gut and intuition come into play (and frankly, that's what I struggle with, as while said intuition tends to be accurate, I constantly find myself ignoring it which leads to things like with White last game).

    2 - Yes, exactly. The problem with meta is that players tend to become aware of their own, and then aim to change it. It's still valid against some players, I've known some who were simply inactive as scum so meta obviously is valid there, until they change it of course, but as an argument it doesn't really stand up. It's one thing if you can prove said meta, but often you'll see players do one thing in one game and, ignorant to the context behind it, fall into the trap of assuming that's how they'll play that alignment. There are too many variables that could affect how someone plays, so generally it can be put into the same category as said tinfoil theories, in that they're useful to keep in mind but not something to push as your main argument, unless said meta is clearly established.

    3 - Yup, you got it. Generally after a few kills you can get something from them - if the active players are dying, you can determine that mafia are trying to quieten the town, and if all the big shot players are dying it would tell you that scum isn't a team confident that they can survive with those in the game. Sometimes, it's really obvious when a scum team is new if they keep killing bad targets, like players they could leave for a lynch or so forth, but there are so many reasons for doing something without being able to find a pattern it's a bit of a crapshoot.

    And no problem. I was pretty bad at first, I think I touched on it in the neighbour chat but as town I would be the big leader and spill my role details out everywhere, and it took dying early over and over to realise that you need to keep some things to yourself and know when to show your hand. As scum, it took like 6 or 7 attempts to win at all, because I was just too obvious. For the record, I don't think you suck, sometimes these things just click into place one time and it becomes easier. You're usually active, and you don't play against your win con, and I quite enjoy playing with you, which I believe goes for others too, and that's really all you need. The rest will come when it comes, and even then we all still have bad games.
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    mm, probably. this game was pretty fun.
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    you’re absolutely right, warrior
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    In the case of X last game, if you suspect it was a setup to essentially break his established meta, you'd simply be open to it as a possibility. Thus, when it comes to determining X's alignment, it'd be worth looking at who it was that pushed for/against the theory, and the potential for it to be scum motivated. At the end of the day, that's what scum hunting comes down to a lot of the time. "I could see this player pulling this as scum, so if assume that, what does it tell me". The actual theory itself will ultimately not be relevant, but it'd be what got you thinking in a certain way. Catching the thought process of scum is a very useful tool to scum hunt with.

    I would also point out that sometimes said theories are better to keep to yourself. It could just be a small thing to keep in the back of your mind, which allows you to read what the player is saying without assuming they must be town because this one theory is far fetched. In the case of X, instead if beining it up as a possibility for X to be scum, it could be brought up as a counter to the assertion X is town. Those two sound the same, but fundamentally are seperate, and the latter is pretty easy to justify because "meta" doesn't actually prove anything (and in this case, the burden of proof would lie with the one claiming X is town, whereas in the former, it would be on you to prove he is scum through said theory).


    As for night kills, I'm not a huge fan. I think it can give you some insight into scum, and for newer scum might even help catch them, but it's pretty hard to get anything concrete. There are many reasons why someone might kill a player, and really without knowing them it's hard ti determine who is behind it. If you see a Mafia making a series of low level moves, for instance, you could assume that they would be mostly newer a players, but that requires a significant amount of data and trends, by the point that you should have something more sufficient to work on anyway.

    In short, I wouldn't entirely discredit it, but I'd only use it for quick assumptions about the scum team. It's not very useful for scum hunting, and not something I think that serves as a big point of discussion in general. Just something to think about early on when you're looking to get a lead on something.
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    Eh, I'd say so. Especially when it comes to catching talented scum players. The problem is that because it's tinfoil you have a ways to go to actually prove it, so while I'd say it's worth it as a base to start thinking a certain way about a player, I wouldn't suggest you use that alone. In regards to night actions and the like, you have a bit more leeway on this, but sometimes you need to remember to just keep it simple and not overthink it. If that makes sense.
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    Phantoms ...
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    Fine fuck u 2
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    wanna play in my mafia game
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    and on your phone

    just tell em to shoo
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