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    Hey, Zu. Of course I can. Monogatari is about Kai (oddities), supernatural creatures. The main characters, Araragi Koyomi, meets people somehow connected to Kai. They were either attacked or possessed by them, or something like that. He wants to help them. That's pretty much what Monogatari is about. Oh, there is SOME ecchi here. It's basically supernatural, romance. It's hard to give a brief description of the series while not spoiling anything, but I didn't, so don't worry.

    It's great overall, definitely one of my favorite anime series. Give it a try, 2 episodes or so. It's quite ''different'' compared to otherse series, which makes Monogatari great. Oh... there is A LOT of talking, so sometimes you have really have to pay attention what's going on.

    By the way, have you read some more of Hoshi no Samidare?
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    Yeah no gears. Not even G3/G3.
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    Lol base Luffy is a joke now. He would get fodderized. Cracker destroyed G2/G3. I think anyone who is Ace level and above or even some guys below but I'm not sure on that, would crush base Luffy.
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    He probably is saving them for another arc. The arc where Big Mom falls. Or he just cuts its hort and takes down Big Mom in this arc

    Luffy doesn't get past mid diff with Katakuri IMO. High mid is the best he could get. Don't forget that Luffy had help against Cracker
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    Would be cool if Marco, Jozu and Vista already have a rivalry with the Calamities and took them on, letting Zoro take on Shogun and Luffy deal with Kaido together with the Supernovas. I think Oda will write the Calamities better cause he's kinda forced to. He never gave that much hype to WCI or Sweet Commanders.

    Katakuri is the best character from Big Mom Pirates IMO. I think he'll get to fight too. He'd easily defeat G4 Luffy though
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    I'm definitely hyped for Wano. We have Kaido, two new Calamities, which I'm looking forward to seeing what they can do. Edward Weevil might make an appearance and his capabilities are unkown too. Then Luffy's first time of fighting such an opponent and being part of such a large alliance. Wano as a country which holds mystery itself, as we might get some backstory of Kozuki Oden, besides the WB/Roger crewmate he was as we already know. And the cream on top that Marco, which is top 3 favorite characters for me is coming back into the story, possibly with the WB remnants. Would be nice to see how they interact in Wano, given that it was hinted how the Whitebeards might have connections to Wano. Possibly they guide Luffy or something along those lines.

    All in all can't wait to jump into Wano. Reinforced by the fact that I want WCI to be over as fast as possible.
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    It could still be saved after the wedding crashed IMO. If they just let Big Mom go on rampage and the crew hold her back, it would be 10 times better than it is now.
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    This arc got messed when the wedding was crashed. Pressure from Big Mom's scream destroyed the rockets, Big Father tanking enraged Big Mom's attacks and worst of all, Oda put Luffy in a position he didn't need to. The whole plan was save Sanji. But Luffy goes:"I'll kick Big Mom's ass." and gets low diffed. Ace's death should've humbled Luffy not make him like that. Then the whole events from the box exploding till' now. A true mess.
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    I honestly have no idea. Maybe Oda will have him clash with his mom cause, Big Mom just feels like killing her kids? Wouldn't put it past Oda at this point
    Dunno. As I said, I see no other escape route except outside help.
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    Or at least take it to the sea so the SH would have no chance of leaving but this is Oda's writing in WCI arc.
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