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    I would say 32, there's a lot of great arcs out there. But you can always increase or decrease the number if needed.

    And you have to decide how many nominations each member gets.
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    Abraxas was just an aspect of reality that wanted to see it all burn. He's kind of like an opposite aspect to Eternity.

    All aspects exist to balance the other out. Sometimes more than one side. Usually they don't care for what lesser beings do and leave that to lesser gods to figure out. Just so long as it doesn't threaten cosmic consonance. The only one which really cares about life at all is Death and any entity opposing her currently (except Oblivion).

    In Galactus' case, he represents necessity: The idea of taking from now to provide for something else. Since most of what Galactus is and does is a mystery only for him and beings like him to know, we can only guess what he holds in balance. There is a stark difference that Galactus doesn't intentionally seek out planets with life on them as any sort of culling. Celestial sort of do that for their own purposes. Galactus just needs to feed on planets capable of supporting life, and planets with life on them are just a giveaway of its properties. Lol
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    Abraxas, yeah. But after Abraxas was done away with, it seems whatever purpose Galactus fulfills still exists, and even temporarily was worse after Annihilation.
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    Galactus' power doesn't really work like that. In fact, most conceptual entities in comics do not normally work that way. While some may have that sort of power, it's usually not a form of expression they ever engage in since it would most likely threaten themselves in doing so. We get to see them just bathe entire sectors of the cosmos in tremendous power, but generally everything holds back because saving reality isn't worth it if destroying reality in the process is the result.

    As for Galactus, he should contain the power of a dead universe within him in the same way Eternity does. Whether that means Eternity can/can't just go and blow up another universe isn't really what they do so we never see them do it, though we've seen them fall to forces that can control a universe. Generally they control the very aspects of a universe instead. Death deals death, Oblivion deals with discarded, Order gives structure, Chaos breaks it, etc. This is generally shown given Galactus' very threat and promise to it, which is often hinted at basically restarting a new universe at the end of the current one. So everything has to endure his presence because the universe would simply end without him. So then would that mean his power extends well beyond that which can destroy a universe? After all, something WILL destroy the universe if he doesn't exist, and his existence prevents that entirely.

    Though often Galactus' ultimate purpose is left as a mystery, and was even once considered to be a multiverse of Galactus' were required to lock a single being from existence. And here's a perfect example of scaling not applying to comic concepts. How powerful is the Ultimate Nullifier and Galactus in general? Once upon a time a possible purpose of Galactus, nay EVERY Galactus across the multiverse was to simply lock away a single unique being across it, and at one point the Galactus of 616 was rendered inert or basically "dead." (He was made into a star, which is sort of what happens if he's not wearing his suit). Shortly after, this being broke free just shitcanned another Galactus with zero effort and then just declared war on reality for the most part. Buuuuut... was completely undone by the Ultimate Nullifier which rewrote reality entirely without this being in it. So is Galactus that powerful? Is the Ultimate Nullifier? Does greater power negate lesser power? Or do comics simply have places and concepts that rule it? Should the Ultimate Nullifier simply give the user victory immediately? It becomes a bungle because there have been times the Ultimate Nullifier hasn't worked or just failed outright. A perfect example showing the conceptual limits of the UN was during Infinity Gauntlet when Thanos redirected the UN's attack back on its user, which in turn STILL didn't work because it simply shunted that guy into the realm of Oblivion instead.

    Basically, comic characters when you start to leave Earth tends to not stack the same way we normally understand or want. After all, what is strength to a being who restructures reality to give himself whatever level of strength he can conceive of when he operates in several dimensions at once? What is gravity or energy to a being who only understands expression AS energy itself and gravity is but a variable? What is life to one that has the ability to turn it off? After all, Galactus has been damaged because he doesn't normally think people are going to attack him physically. But at the same time can just age things backwards or shunt them outside of existence just to deal with them because it's easier for him to do it as opposed to just blast them.
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    A well fed, or fully fed Galactus is basically just brings him to the full potential as the reincarnation of Eternity from a prior universe.

    Much like Darkseid, Galactus is only ever interacted with as an aspect that -can- exist in the universe. So we only ever see his avatar as well, and his method of combat on his level is actually conceptual and on different planes of existence simultaneously.

    Though, this doesn't mean Darkseid's true power is at the level of Galactus. And the UN sort of power pretty much just rewrites or negates reality as it is aimed (if the user can conceive/mentally push through it).
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    Thanks, but seriously.

    Galactus, unless he's significantly hungry, should pretty much just punt kick Darkseid if they met up on the battlefield randomly one day and Galactus was feeling frisky and not just, "Whatever."
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    He who Hungers an endless parade
    Needs not a single upgrade

    For as he soars the cosmic serene
    He still pretty much reigns truly supreme

    And let us not put hands to our faces
    I mean this to only involve most cases
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    Methinks you dost underestimate the power of Galan, Zu
    Even if in your heart you think this to be true.

    For the Lord of Apokolips, powerful as he may be
    Is no match for the aspect of Necessity.
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    New avatar
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    waow cool avy dude
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