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    The final arc is mostly filler in the anime, in the manga it's just really short & everything is offpaneled. The endings are a bit different too. Just a heads up

    So, what do u plan on watching/reading after YYH?
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    The whole chapter black tape was a really interesting concept imo. Glad you liked the arc

    Sensui's actions were hardly justifiable, but they were understandable & believable. His character was pretty complex overall, and not to mention he was a badass dude

    Btw, what did you think of Yusuke this arc?
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    Toguro's backstory left me a little depressed, was definitely executed nicely. YYH has some great villains

    Yusuke vs Toguro is easily in my top 10 Shounen fights. Togashi has three of those ten now that I think about it.

    Not sure what my fav DBZ battle would be, maybe one of the Goku vs Vegeta fights
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    The psychic stuff is a pretty cool change of pace. Kurama has one of my favorites scenes early in the arc with the psychics

    How do you think Yusuke vs Toguro holds up compared to other iconic Shounen fights?
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    How you liking Chapter Black so far?
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    No need to hurry. If you got any other occupations, be free to check only when you find some free time.
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    How long do you think will the tier list take us? I want to notify PoPs cause he asked me even before. Do you think we'll have it ready within one or two weeks?
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    Yeah, same here. I'm currently reading a certain novel and I'm planning to use him in some threads, so I might make a profile for him. At least I won't have to answer ''what are his stats/abilities?'' type of questions in every single thread.
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    Nah, that was good enough. It wasn't really a spite thread since both sides had a chance to win, it's just BnHA team had a massive advantage in numbers, that's it.

    I like your thread, so I hope you will keep making them. I've given up on that. The most popular threads nowadays are those ones with Fairy Tail vs Nanatsu no Taizai vs One Piece characters. Even when I tried to make a thread with unknown character, I've given all important information about him. I didn't help at all since I got only a few replies, sometimes not even one.
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    We'll leave it for tomorrow.
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