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    Awesome. Agreed, Jack of Hearts is absolutely my favourite game in the series, I was engaged the entire time I was reading. I figured the J was either Urumi or the girl that got hypnotised, the author definitely did a good job hiding him well.

    I probably shouldn't spoil it too much for you lol, all I'll say is that yes, they do show up again.
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    I made a comic in the EZ, but it spoils Alice in Borderland so you shouldn't read it till you've read the Jack of Hearts side story.
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    You've reached the face cards, excellent

    The beach might be my favourite part of the whole series, my only regret is that they didn't stick sround for long.

    Told ya the side stories were just as good. I think ny favourite is the first one with Doudou, if only because of the heartwarming ending that's so rare in this series.
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    This is true. I've enjoyed every part thus far for the most part. Was meh on Part 1 at first, but the latter half exceeded my expectations so yeah, not really a part I don't like.

    And man, that looks pretty good

    Might have to start it after I finish New Waves and ah I see
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    Yeah, everything I've seen suggests that Part 7 is incredible. But I actually really did enjoy part 2. Probably as much as Part 4 to be honest with you.

    And oh interesting. How is it different, aside from the color? Manhwa (that aren't webtoons) seem to resemble manga a good deal. And I still need to read Berserk

    And I see. How far along is he with his current work?
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    Joseph is just too good

    And yeah, I've heard good things about it. You were the first to recommend it to me actually. The whole thing is in color? Is that how Chinese comics usually are? That's pretty great, regardless.

    And has he just canceled it or something? Or is it just on an extended hiatus? I hope it's just the latter since it's been excellent thus far.
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    Why you gotta be so tsundere

    I know you love it. It's the best set, so just admit it

    And I'm actually just finishing up Part 1. I'm gonna catch up on HxH afterwards and then get to New Waves most likely. Wanna start Veritas and Feng Shen Ji soon. I'm also gonna continue on to JoJo part 5. I'm honestly enjoying the first part more than I imagined I would. It's amazing. Kang Sung is a baller
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    Is it because I said that you were a hoe?
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