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    The tournament was good. Skimmed through it recently.

    Albireo is easily one of my top favorite characters. He never fails to entertain. Takamichi is cool too
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    Kyoto arc was pretty good from what I can remember. Fate & Eva had some cool moments. Also got a bit more info on Nagi

    People like to hate on Negi, but he definitely went through a lot of of good development & characterization. He's pretty cool by the end of the series. Just not Nagi or Rakan cool

    I like Negi's fully developed moveset. Has some cool abilities. Jovis Tempestas is the only spell he uses from the start that is a mainstay in his arsenal, though
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    That's okay, I'm not expecting a quick fix for this or anything. But I think making BnHA a section by the end of the year should be our goal.

    I'm not sure either. Chapter threads are doing pretty well but regular threads aren't keeping up. Ultra's OoB idea is nice, but I'm not sure if most of the readers here have a strong enough understanding of the different quirks to make that kind of tournament work, myself included.

    Anyway it's not a big deal, it's doing fine for a subsection atm.
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    Any ideas for the BnHA subsection?

    It'll need more activity if we want it to be a full section eventually
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    It's okay, and thanks

    I think in this sentences, Illusion Creation, BFR, and Telepathy could be seen.

    Do you think so

    Now wasn’t the time to ponder how they were discovered. The first to act was their strongest, Luo Xianni, who transferred her other five teammates several hundred meters away.
    Half a breath later the Violet Prince’s fist was bearing down on the Photographer. His whole arm went through her face. To his surprise, her only reaction was to ripple. All at once the world around him changed and he was caught in a vortex of power. He fought to extricate himself, and when he eventually did he was out in space. Utter darkness closed in one him, but only for a moment before a pink light started to creep in from all directions.
    “Quick!” Lan Jue and the others heard Luo Xianni’s voice in their ears. They had already started moving once they saw their team leader capture the Violet Prince in the vortex.
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    Hello Jorm.

    Do you think this is Illusion Creation or some kind of Afterimage Image skill

    "Just as the attack was ready to land, her figure became dim. The princess swiped right through an empty image. The real Paragon was a thousand meters away"
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    Yeah, he shows up in Kyoto. That's when the series starts picking up too
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    Yup, when Gintama ends.
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    Hey Jörm,

    Can you please nominate me at the worst member tournament?
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