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    So i was thinking of setting up a make your own Qurik thing for Bnha and had some rules down wanted to see what you thought of them.

    1: Your quirk can only be one Ability (so nothing like All for one or Shoto's fire and Ice)
    2: It most have a draw back

    Got any other ideas cause that's all i can think of
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    Not really. I just know some of the strength hierarchy and a few feats that happened. All the weird terms make it hard to understand without some context, so that helped

    You're not missing out on much. He has the quite wank train thoguh, but in reality, he's not as near as strong as some of his fans would lead you to believe

    Yeah, it's easily up there with feats like Cosmic Armor Superman holding Limbo on his fingertip and the Living Tribunal holding two megaverses in his hands
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    Battler doesn't scale to megaversal because he admitted complete inferiority to Bern & Lambda. Or at least, that was the reasoning that was used. I've seen Umineko be debated in battledomes a few time

    Beyonder had a bunch of hax as well. Too bad he sucked

    Lambda & Bern'a feats in their fight are sorta insane, some of the best feats I've heard of tbh
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    Battler only scales to some level of multiversal, pre retcon Michael Jackson is megaverse level+

    Battler is is at least stronger than the likes of Rune King Thor though
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    I was joking lol. Would be impossible to reach a definitive conclusion most likely. Rax's house would probably get destroyed in the process however

    What version of the Beyonder? Pre-retcon would be too much for Battler, the latter is below all of the Endless
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    You should've made a Lucifer vs Featherine thread

    She'd definitely be able to beat him
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    Uh well not me personally no but the staff has been uptight about tournaments clashing like this. As you said no one feels having 2 tournaments at the same time but as things are I bumrushed this.

    Hmm.. ask mak, see how he feels. I'm okay with it but I'm planning to use the chatbox to promote this.
  8. Nah, you can host one if you want though.
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    I feel you there. Just gotta put em against those verses and properly bait people into posting

    Didn't know if you used a set template, think the obd might kinda use one. Hopefully I don't mess it up too bad lol
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    Thinking about making a few ubd profiles for some Vertigo characters

    Do you a specific template or anything?
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