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    Thank you once again
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    Yeah I've met this guy now, just murdered some poor family while talking about One Piece

    Not sure how this is gonna go 80+ chapters if these are the only two that got powers though
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    hows life?
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    Hey Jorm, do you think we can get a AP with any of these 2 feats?

    Im on mobile and the spoilers are messy. I tried to fix it, but to no avail.

    1st Realm -

    2nd Realm - 10 Levels (Duan Wuhen at the peak) (The MC on the 8th Level)

    Duan Wuhen performs the feat

    Duan Wuhen staggered a step back from being rebuffed by the black hole. His face distorted due to outrage and he let out a roar at the top of his lungs. With an angry swing of his hands, the surrounding area’s rocks, reefs, seaweed, fish, and everything else exploded into pieces.


    The aftermath of it

    Huang Xiaolong exited the ancient battlefield after spending a few days inside. The location he appeared in was the same spot he disappeared from when traveling through the black hole in the Enlightenment Lake. However, Duan Wuhen had already left and there was only silence in the surrounding waters.
    Huang Xiaolong observed the surrounding and noticed that the mountains, reefs, and aquatic plants in the area were in a scene of devastation, destroyed by someone. There was a thousand-meter length palm print left at the bottom of the lake.
    Seeing this, Huang Xiaolong was frightened and could guess this giant of a palm print must have been left behind by Duan Wuhen. Supposing the black hole did not suck him into the ancient battlefield in time and that palm fell on his body, he would have exploded into pieces.

    And this is the MC and his feat.
    The Broken Tiger Rift , is as deep as two thousand meters

    Feeling the abundant power inside his body, Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help roaring towards the sky like a dragon. His roar reverberated through the rift, piercing the sky, reaching as far as a hundred miles around the Broken Tiger Rift area.

    Running his battle qi, Huang Xiaolong stomped his feet on the ground, raising a cloud of sand. With Huang Xiaolong as the center, deep fissures lined the ground surface. Stones and rocks rolled down from both sides of the rift walls and the entire rift area seemed to be shaking.
    This was Huang Xiaolong’s current strengthㅡearth shattering might, enough to collapse a mountain.
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    Reading some more Machine Man

    I love that his first thought was 'I can ditch my family now that I'm a robot'
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    A korean light novel called Dungeon Hunter.
    And thanks
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    Hey Jorm, do you think an AP could be found from this "nuke" where it's light spreaded out for hundreds of kilometers

    The world turned bright. He was surrounded by a white magic power. This feeling...‘Get the hell out!’
    His instincts warned him.
    It was dangerous!
    The white light wasn’t normal!
    But he was already one step too late.
    The light spread out for hundreds of kilometres around Greenwich Observatory.
    I was also swept up in the explosion.
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    if you want to get started with mafia, i'm probably hosting a game that is not too over the top, good to begin with role madness

    check and sign up if you're still interested
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    Yea i guess it depends on the number of people who want to join cause i was thinking we could hold like a UA sports festivl kind of thing
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    Yea of course but we also don't want to limit freedom so perhaps have judges or someone to approve the quriks? or maybe by vote?
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