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    just log into NF and click this link to PM tiger:
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    as for my own games so far, i really liked some ideas in my jojo setup, but close to all of them were left unused because people either died early or didn't care enough about the game to even send in ability usages.

    so the wire is my favorite one so far, simply because it is a very cool game in terms of the interactions between the players and i also felt like i did a lot with turning the show into a mafia game. also basically every role outside of crispin's and white's got utilized fully, so it beats jojo in that department.

    i have no strong feelings about my big game, a couple of roles that were meant to be sort of attention hogs were left completely unutilized. for example, game master's role, which was a complete waste on him and i very much regret giving it to him because it could have been one of the coolest roles on here ever. i don't think i will ever beat the game activity-wise, but i don't think it's a particularly cool game, just extremely active. most interesting players were killed off way before the game neared its end, so it tapered off a ton as the game dragged on.

    then there's my danganronpa game, which was only a test run for me to check what kind of stuff works on here. i learned which players i can place on which roles and so on, but there's nothing notable about it.

    anyways in terms of best game on here in general, i still think the wire takes it. i don't want to sound conceited but that game single-handedly resurrected the section. ofc it wasn't the game itself that did this, rather the players that returned to mafia because of the set-up and got interested in playing again, but i am pretty sure the section would be nowhere close to the activity it has right now had the set-up been anything other than the wire. the roles were flavored really well and the game was also more or less balanced. it's also entertaining from start to finish and never really tapers off. a lot of stuff just worked with that game which i haven't seen in any of the games i participated in or the ones that happened before i joined the site. i have one regret and that is crispin dying on D1, but outside of that, i couldn't be more content with the game.

    ultimately what makes a game good isn't the host's work, it's the players and their chemistry, the social aspect of the game. and that just worked in the wire
  3. That sounds awesome
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    yes, i'll be around. i can also just forward you to tiger if you want. his advice is top tier, probably better than mine, but he tends to take a bit with his responses because he has his own games and obv a life outside of mafia. what would you like?
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    Not a bad idea.

    Keep me updated.
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    I see. do you think there's any danger of it collapsing under its own weight? A concern of mine is that the rest of the forum might not be able to keep up with the demands of Mafia. I want mafia and the rest of the site to feed into one another, each strengthening the other.
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    It's kind of boring.
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    I think that's a good idea. The two games at once may be a tricky thing right off the bat, but I think having people define their games would be a good way to see what we have. However, perhaps we could get mini-games going alongside bigger games first and then see if we could actually have tow full-length games going at the same time.
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    How has mafia been going since the change?
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