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    however, it is (at least for me) impossible to come even close to 'true' balance (which is a thought you need to give up on anyways if you host the type of games i do in all honesty) without asking somebody else to look over my set-up. i basically finish the setup entirely, and then i send it to a very experienced mod. i have been using tiger/law from NF for this in the past year, because he is also an avid role madness mod. when you create a set-up, you simply stop noticing glaring mistakes once you get too immersed into the process. in the wire, there were 14 players - but every single player had at least 2 abilities, with i think 6 having 3 abilities. on average, let's say every player had 2.5 roles that game. this means that there were 35 abilities in that game alone, with basically no vanilla roles. it is simply impossible to keep track of every single possible interaction, everything that could be troublesome when it comes to balance.

    so i send my finished setup to tiger, who gives a last look over it and corrects glaring mistakes (blatantly overpowered or underpowered roles, a possibly broken interaction and so on). in the wire mafia, he corrected 3 roles out of 14 - not a lot (and the changes he proposed only changed a single ability in both cases), but even a single role that is too strong in role madness games can take over the entire game. that's why for me, personally, i could never create a more or less balanced setup completely on my own. i come up with everything myself, i take care of all the flavoring and i try to make the first iteration of the set-up as balanced as i possibly can - but i still have to ask somebody else to give an outsiders' opinion to weigh in on the state of the balance.

    as for how i come up with the stuff i come up with, i've already mentioned it last game. the main or only factor is how true i want to stay to the source material. if i want to make a setup that stays true to its characters, doesn't shoehorn any abilities (like luffy being a cop in the OP game), then i simply think about how the characters would look in a mafia setup. this is why some of my roles incorporate detecting lies, gambling during the game etc., simply because the roles are how the characters are. only after that, i concern myself with balance. for me, creativity always comes first and balance always comes second, but that's just how i am as a mod. if i were to be more free when it came to the abilities (i basically always stay true to the setup i am covering so this is just an if), then i would say balance needs to be put before creativity. but i can't give you any personal opinion on how to handle this sort of role madness, because i don't host this type of game. generally, i'd just go check out the literal thousands of role madness setups and see how other mods made them, which games stick out as good and which ones suck dick and learn through that.

    anyways, sorry for this being an essay but i felt like it was necessary to cover everything i could think of. there's nothing really left for me to say but to really emphasize how fulfilling making a setup is and seeing people play it, i think it's much more enjoyable than actually playing mafia. now the hosting itself during the game is just an absolute pain, there's no denying that, but it's something you just need to come to terms with.
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    some of these are not completely out of this world; they are simply twists on a pretty vanilla role. for example, prosciutto was a very lethal vig, whose kill was unstoppable period. his drawback was that his vig was delayed by three phases. additionally, he could kill another player which operates under the same rules, but prosciutto would die as a result. a town vig with a twist, basically. but there are also roles like kobayashi, or ringo roadagain. ringo could literally rewind the game by 6 hours. if used during the DP, it would have reset the VC to the state of 6h before the ability was activated; but it didn't change when the phase actually ended (so ringo could activate it (in theory anyways) a minute before EoD, which would have reset the VC to 6h before, but the phase still would have ended in a minute). these types of roles are completely unique and i come up with them on my own. or there's d'arby, whose main theme was that he could actually play rock, paper, scissors with other players.

    the problem with entirely thought-up roles is that it's obviously impossible to apply a point system to them since no points can be assigned to roles that legit didn't exist before the setup was made. because of this, i resort to two things - experience and a second opinion. i have been hosting role madness since 2013 (though i have only begun doing so in this site in 2016) and i have quite a bit of setups under my belt. you basically develop a feel for when a game is more or less balanced or not.

    (reached the character limit)
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    dis gon b long

    there are multiple ways to come up with a balanced set-up. the easiest way to create a setup that is balanced which is more on the vanilla side is to just simply follow a mafia point system. what these systems do is they assign a number to a role, where the number indicates the strength of the role. for example, a vanilla townie (which i personally never include because VTs and scum goons are just gay as fuck) will be a 1; a cop will be a 3. you do this for every role you plan to include in the game.

    at the end, you count everything together. ideally, town will have a slightly larger total than scum; a good setup is basically always made with a slight bias towards town because in reality, mafia tends to overcome their inferiority in role strength compared to town quite easily. so if town had a total of 22, the mafia should probably float around 16-19. if you include an indie, the indie itself needs to be by far the strongest role individually in the game, but his total should be noticeably less than town's and mafia's. in this example, i'd peg indie at maybe 10-12, although these are arbitrary numbers so i am just trying to bring the point across.

    the problem with this approach is that it limits you to only use predefined roles, like GP did in the one piece game. additionally, you'd have to find a point system first; you used to be able to find point systems quite easily some years ago, but they aren't that prevalent anymore. here's an example of a system (funnily enough made by darthe).

    as you can see this doesn't nearly cover every role you can think of, but it has basically all conventional ones and some modifications of those. however, these points are subjective. personally, i disagree with things like doctor having a higher number than a town roleblocker; but that's a call every mod has to make for themselves. even with a system like this, you'd have to adjust it to fit your own sense of balance.

    now i am basically getting to the heart of role madness - unique setups. i have never used a point system before and i probably never will, either. this is because once you really want to make novel setups, you come up with your own roles. to get a feel for these, here are some of my own for the jojo game:

    (reached the character limit)
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    shit they banned me again

    we shall discuss this later when no jews are on
    when i come back i shall be with thousands of little beaner devil spawns to scatter those pennies
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    Check the second page of where it says One Piece avatars. It shows up fine for me.

    If you still don't see it, lemme know and I'll post it through here
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    It's in default avatars
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    I'll check it out in a bit.
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    Ultra, we did it.
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    With that said, good night

    This idea of purging excites me. I wonder if I can even sleep. Do not worry ultra. I will have your back on this.
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    Because interactions aren't to be wasted.

    But now, real talk.

    Crispy needs to become chopped liver like ccrack.

    And we must purge the casino agreed. I will do a parliaments thread when I wake up, you attack it publically.
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