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    Can't unfortunately. Way too busy.
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    No thanks
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    until thursday i don't exist

    if by thursday you need something we'll see
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    Not available. Don't even consider Umber. She isn't even logging into TMF anymore for a while. (even though she isn't doing nothing productive...)
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    Not a good time, sorry.
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    i'll just inactifag it like last time

    if i had time to commit i'd be playing it from start
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    i can't say yes either
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    Man I signed for Ink's game few days ago. Will I be allowed to play?
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    i see, i personally also prefer danganronpa to ace attorney. i've played every game in both franchises, and i think DR is just much more entertaining. i will say however that AA deserves recognition for inventing the formula (DR does kind of ape AA a lot after all) and i think the franchise is pretty consistent quality-wise (spin-offs included), whereas DR is kind a little bit over the place consistency-wise. just depends on what you're looking for in an interactive VN.

    i experienced the same years ago when i first played DR1, i no-lifed the game in a couple of days. i think DR can really draw you in.

    there is for sure some pay-off with DR2, basically everyone agrees that it has far and beyond the best case in the series. but i will say that i def prefer DR1 to DR2 because i felt DR1 had a much stronger cast (DR2 had a lot of duds for me personally), a better soundtrack and a vastly superior atmosphere / setting. it is still very close to DR1 for me, i think whether you prefer the first or the second game will largely be preference based.

    what basically everyone agrees on is that the third game which came out in 2017 is by far the weakest main-line entry, but it's still very much worth playing. the third game is weird in that it is actually very good for the most part, but most people think it goes down the gutter very close to the end, so it leaves a very bad impression.

    if your curiosity for interactive mystery VNs has been piqued, i'd advise you to take a look at the zero escape series, particularly 999 and virtue's last reward. they are much more ambitious in their writing and extremely creative in terms of pushing the constraints of narrative. but outside of some superficial similarities with DR it's very different from it, the atmosphere is very serious whereas DR is dopey and the gameplay aspect consists of rooms you have to escape from, which you do by solving puzzles in those rooms (the entire room is basically one big puzzle) as opposed to DR's trials.
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