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    I've been in DBF and KC for some time now, and i can assure you that i was more impressed by some strats in KC far more than on DBF(except in amalgams).

    I almost always see the same strats in main tourneys in DBF, while in KC it's always changing(well usually), but that's probably because the tier list is constantly changing in KC when it never changes in the DBF.
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    It has a lot more activity and many more people...but they are too serious.

    TBH, the naruto colloseum is much better(in the sense of the many options you have to make very creative strats) than the DBF
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    good vote

    he'll rage
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    Well, that's how most of us see the outcome of the match.the only problem is whether Animal realm(who is a character able to summon a lot of summons and desummon Deva and human realm)and Naraka(who is able to revive Deva and human) could do it before Iron sand kill them.Which we believe he can.

    If you don't get it(i know it's tough when you don't know the characters ), here is a easier vote: just sum it up i'll do one rebuttal then you leave like a champ
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    Not much. I smoke weed every blue moon but haven't in a solid month. They said results should be back in 2-3 days.
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    So basically:

    Soul's team gets to the top of the temple while BS is prepping his kazekage puppet with Iron sand.Deva realm+summons+Animal are to blitz BS team(the other group of Soul's team is on a bird) only to encounter Taju Kagebunshin+Sawaribi no Mai(which should kill the summons).
    Now, Deva should've used Shinra Tensei once to repulse all those attacks but i believe he'll get hit by Iron Sand.
    When animal realm desummon im, BS team has all the time to advance and hit the bird summon with Iron sand too.

    Game over for him
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    Okay will do, just wait a bit..
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    Seriously, this guy should've lost by 6-0....he is a regular there and admitted he asked at least 5 people to vote for him.

    And i saw the convo, he started telling them that he'd get an awesome team if he beat BS etc...

    so you may say he's a dickhole and he deserves to lose, BS told me he didn't want to ask people(he was winning 3-0 without asking anybody) then 7 people came in the row and voted for Soul without referencing to the strats themselves...

    I asked BS to tell mods about it, dunno what he'll do ;)
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    I sent you a vote of someone who voted for BS, you should just sum it up.

    And to sum up, the two guys are asking their friends to vote for that's kinda funny

    just say you're new and you wanna start posting there, and that this match caught your interest ;)
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    Hey, tell them that the match took your interest and that you wanna start participating in KC since you're a pro in the daby back fight in case they ask why you voted
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