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    Make sure whatever is happening doesn’t mess with Mafia’s upward trend.
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    sorry, i didn't have internet for like 5 days right after my recent game so i completely forgot about it. i'll get on it

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    Obliterate the pretenders, no mercy, let 2018 be the year of CARNAGE
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    2018 the golden year after 2 shit years?

    This going to be fucking legendary
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    Pretty sure VICE too ashamed to show his face
  6. Just finished reading the thread

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    This is going to be fun to spam
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    Like 2 months ago he made a book about how he was leaving TMF or something
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    can u find vices leaving thread so I can turn it into a meme
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    I'd say Vista is the undisputed number #1

    For the rest of the top 5 I'd go with Big Mom is 2nd (she's even been nicknamed Big Meme and her only remaining supporter at this point is Erkan), then there's Mihawk and Doflamingo who are the center of a ton of power level controversies. #5 I'd give for Smoothie, high ranking Big Mom pirate with a huge bounty but became a meme because all she does is stand around being worthless and commentating on things.

    Diamante and Trebol are regarded as some of the most trash and underwhelming characters we've had post skip so one of them would work. Sanji is also a good meme choice with how he's been handled post-skip, Oda milked the "Sanji is perverted" gag into the ground when the skip started and the Year of Sanji amounted to him getting beaten and humiliated for the entire year while the rest of the Strawhats got to shine, now he's stuck baking a cake while the rest of the strawhats fight off a yonkou. Then there's Bobbin who the forum hyped as being a top tier and Big Mom's right hand man only for him to be off paneled by Vito when the arc actually rolled around. Of course the God Urouge meme is always a classic and a staple that has spilled all over the OP community.


    1. Vista
    2. Big Mom
    3. Mihawk
    4. Doflamingo
    5. Smoothie
    6. Bobbin
    7. Sanji
    8. Urouge
    9. Diamante/Trebol

    That's a top 10 to pick and choose from.
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