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    the interview process for nursing is a lot more tedious and expensive. you gotta acquire documents before handing in your resume - renewing a membership anually is 280, a bi-anual police check is 40, and an anual CPR renewal for 80.

    after you get that all figured out, you apply online and they'll hit you back up if you're qualified. 15-30 minute telephone interview, then an hour interview in person. they have a score system during in person interviews and if you hit a certain amount of points then they'll hire you.

    as far as my experience, i failed a shit ton but i got less nervous and more prepared. the interview itself is challenging because they're essentially seeing if you're fit to care for another person's life so the questions are v specific and scenario based. I would've loved to answer cookie cutter questions like favorite hobbies but sadly i don't get them.
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    well the more you get accepted the more your experience piles up. unless you severely choke the interview process then it's in the bag :^)
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    ur basically hired :^)
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    depends. two-three weeks without a cut seems alright but most of the time ur confidence lands the job. a clean cut just makes you more presentable
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    That’s really kind of you, MC. I’m sorry for being absent for this long. I’m always here with you guys, don’t you forget that
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    She say do you love me, i tell her only partly
    i only love my bed and my mama im sorry

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    That's a pretty good one.
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    Actually I went through a lot to try getting emotes accepted. Especially emotes for Sns since I figured if people saw some interesting emotes that might make them try out Sns, which would be good for the section. But the council never accepted them. Then I think people thought it was time that I got my own emote so again I tried some Sns characters but didn't get accepted, next some other Fate characters which were rejected, then Void gave me that image so I decided to use it.
    I feel like most of the time the emotes were rejected since the characters used were female but oh well.
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    Oh alright. That makes more sense.

    I read somewhere that albion had something to do with the sky so decided to use that as my username since I always had a fascination with it.

    And the character that appears is Lancer from Fate/Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works.
    The source of it is this.
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    Flow? I just chose a random word since after I lost a bet I had to change names but once the bet was over I couldn’t switch back to Albion so went with this.

    I’m not following your 2nd question though. If you are asking for the code to use it it’s albion.
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