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    you should do a TMF origins thread where you use your memory and investigative ability to find the origins of TMF memes/events
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    I totally thought you started it spontaneously in the CB one day
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    this changes everything
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    Blessing or a curse?
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    Don't ask GP :/ that takes the umph out of it.
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    No matches
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    I'm not sure, I think it was mentioned in CB once. Well, I haven't seen any of it.

    Yeah, the internet really sucks for that type of communication.

    Oh no, I most certainly am. I don't step down in front of rank either, if I know I'm right I'm not backing down, no matter who's in front of me. The biggest difference? I'm just...better, I suppose. Kind of hard to put it in perspective, the best showing would be the reactions I'm getting from people on the site and in real life.

    Ah, some issues in years past. All is good now, though. We can do anything we want to, so long as we put our minds to it. Hard work will always be rewarded, one way or another. Those who work hard have nothing to be scared of in life.

    Well, good luck to us both.
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    You're quite chill, people on the site seem to respect you, I've heard about your exploit where you fooled everyone into thinking you're older, which requires, at the very least, wit. Basically, I haven't seen you or heard about you doing anything...uhm...dumb? Without even getting to know you better and seeing where your true strengths lie, I can tell that you're alright.

    Oh, that. I grew up in a setting where cracking jokes at another or your own account was the norm, so my tolerance bar for jokes is really, really high. People who realise that it's all fun and games to me end up enjoying my company, although sometimes, albeit rarely, someone gets offended. Never had any issues with it, though. I keep getting told by friends to take up stand up comedy, but that's not happening.
    There's so much to list that I wouldn't know where to start. My behaviour on the site most certainly cannot be attributed to my real self. I mostly did it to entertain myself/vent during exams, now that it's over I'm posting significantly less. It's a fun kind of experiment, I suppose.

    There is some truth to that, I've seen what depression can do to people and it's really nasty. Once people start doubting themselves everything falls apart. I cannot emphasize enough how much we're capable of. I've been through a lot of shit and if I've learned anything, it's that when things get really bad, you need to push the hardest. I'm aware that not everyone has the same character, but sulking will do you no good.

    I want to help people. Everything else is secondary to that.

    That's something you have to sort out with yourself. There has to be something you'd like doing.
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    Dont cry
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    You seem like a well rounded up individual and you have something that you can call your passion despite being young, that already shows that you can get there. Don't let obstacles shove you off of your path and keep hustling, you'll be fine.

    Which one was it again? I'm not like that IRL though, I'm just being retarded on here.
    A very strong presence for sure, but (not to sound like a buffoon) I'm generally loved by people and very, very rarely do I find myself in an escalated conflict. I'm extremely hard to get down, because I can always see a bright shade in everything. I've legit had friends get more angry/depressed over me failing an exam while I'm busy cracking jokes on my own account. Depression and anger are things I find completely unnecessary and a bother, and as such I make sure to get rid of them hastily. People dig positive vibes and it definitely shows.
    People from all parts of my life have recently started picking up on what I'm doing and I'm getting a lot of positive feedback. I try not to let it get to me, but it really helps and shows me that I should follow the road I've been walking. Cheers.

    Kinda hard to explain. I guess I could sum it up as not being in it for the shiny things, but rather for the goal itself.

    Obviously, if it's too taxing on yourself it could end up being the poison that kills (the real) you. Knowing a trade is always great and welding sounds fun, so good luck there.

    When will people learn that looking at the world as everything being either black or white is so damned wrong.
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