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    yeah him, he mellowed out considerably at the end imo

    I'd say probably Madara or Kisame, Deidara and Sasori are runner ups for their time.
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    How about next friday? We'll work the questionnaire etc down before that. Week is just ending and I rather leave these to the weekend.

    But yeah, think of 2-3 guys who would have a long history of conversations with you. I'll stalk your profile of course on my own as well.
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    were you disappointed in how he turned out?

    Pain was alright as long as he was Yahiko and the other bodies but when it was revealed to be Nagato, things went downhill fast
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    Maybe, like FE, but then we just include their negative respose. You know sometimes having nothing is more intriguing than having a favorite series
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    started out as a menacing villain but got shafted hard mid season 2 and was basically a meme for the rest of the season
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    I will neither confirm nor deny that I am WILD
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    I feel like this could be the case with the donation phonecalls I get. The first time I felt guilty so got roped into donating but it just opened up a whole bunch of other agencies nagging me for donations. I think if I was an asshole and straight up told them to get my fucking number off their lists I could avoid this.
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    Why don't we try doing you? just to see what'd it should be

    But first we need to form a template. what we should focus on, how to form the bio, etc.

    I'd say we skip IRL pictures to avoid the lack of them in some profiles eventually. I myself am not interested in ever sharing my pic for example.

    But if possible we'd use the larger size of the picture of their most known avy or something to capture the attention.

    Then, we get a short bulletin style bio.

    First Forum

    Year Started Reading Manga

    other trivia. (filling this later)

    Then we interview 2-3 people who've known them the longest, anyone we can get. the juicier details, the better.

    and interview the person himself, getting the info from the source.

    if events are mentioned, we try digging for them in the search function.
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    member bios where the perspective isn't just from me

    you know I can be quite crass. but instead formed by 1-2 friends the guy has had long conversations with, to get an unique perspective, maybe someone they've had antagonistic relations as well, for drama.

    then an personal 1 on 1 interview in private.

    also, yeah. if you're interested we could turn this into something good. immortalize some of our regulars.
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