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  1. I still get a feeling you are impersonating your older brother
  2. The SEALs deal with assinations
  3. Navy folks are not exactly frontline combat people. My field has to do with the nuclear plant on the aircraft carriers and submarines. So I don't think a jarhead can do what people in my rate can do.
  4. This guy Mark must of weighed at least 195 lbs at the time and he failed the enlistment test to be an Army Ranger
  5. You are a marine?? I am actually overqualified to be enlisted. I was working on my doctorate degree before joining. But I had a midlife crisis of sort. Just want a change of scenario. But I didn't want to be commissioned.
  6. That's how strong that I was at 170. And most jarheads weigh over 200.
  7. I am not super strong, but I don't think i am that weak.
  8. What do you meant?? 5 ft 6.5 inches. 140 lbs. Last month stat: 186 lbs 1 rep max for deadlift. 174 lbs 1 rep max for bench press. Though, haven't been working out as much after returning from the Orlando trip with my friends.
  9. Is that just an internet personality cause you look kind of small to be in the Navy
  10. Introvert don't do well in the navy. So no..
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