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  1. I don't mind
  2. btw what if we do some betting via PM for non-players to "guess" how player A and B will do his moves?

  3. don't quote me
  4. white text it since no one will read it anyway
  5. fine print? on MY TMF?
  6. Gotta put that disclaimer about "this thread is not talking about X and Y match before but focused more about discussion on alternative strategy/how to utilize the team composition instead" or something along those lines.
  7. sure
  8. I don't think we have this thing after i joined?

    Well, let's just try again anyhow
  9. I've tried to steer it to that in the past but honestly, the wank and tl;drs get way too off putting that people just don't care to stick around. me included
  10. When the next match of CYK happens and it ends, let's try making a review thread

    Content will be questions like:
    A. Is team/map composition even?
    B. What do you think about X & Y's strategy
    C. If you're playing as X/Y, how do you choose to go?

    The aim is to expand the game from just a straight game of X and Y but also something that can be talked about "casually" (without winning/losing thing) and hopefully less wank and more focused on whether there's an alternative strategy which can be worked on with the team and map.
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