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  1. you didn't post much beforehand either

    did you pull a Crispy?

    would not mind if best boy Gin-chan got more paneltime. Fate tho, was always grill centered, they even had different routes for the heroines and different sex scenes with them. Shirou was just our self insert, don't try to justify yourself
  2. Its been kind of uninteresting ever since Kiroanke died

    *horny teenager who loved echhi

    Still straight

    How would you have reacted if they pulled a 180 and made rosario vampire into a malefest? Cause that's pretty much me with Fate, it was not always like this.

    What if one day Mizore would have been a dude instead?
  3. I don't see you post there much

    you admitted those were when you were a horny straight boy
  4. Golden Kamuy?

    Would I have read Rosario Vampire and Freezing if I was a gay ass nigga?
  5. all I know is that you wank Bonelewd to high heaven but not much else

    I'm sure there's some that you actively follow
  7. but that's like, the only series we interact with
  8. It's really only for Fate

    It does not bother me with any other series
  9. well actively showing your disdain for women and your love for men doesn't help
  10. Do I really act like a gay?

    I'm starting to get worried
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