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  1. no sir, i am not
  2. What happens?

    You are not anymore the Mod for the UBD
  3. i have no idea, i just thought it looked cool
  4. Teo,is this Lupin the third on your Avatar?
  5. That is true

    BUT,One Piss and NNT are still running.AND FT S3 starts if you can trust my source, next week
  6. most of the main series the ubd regulars followed have ended

    not as easy to make discussion provoking threads without new material
  7. Teo,your Section is dead as fuck

    What happens man?The UBD was so great.And now...
  8. You know,Rax ask me to post this?Look at my profile you can read it.
  9. Rax and COV are banned why you dont unban them?You are a Admin
  10. only difference between me and a normal member is i have a cool red name and an obligation to do stuff for the section i'm appointed to

    have no more power or rights than you do
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