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  1. no
  2. Was Walls Etherion calc accepted?
  3. same way you add reputation. if you select "i disapprove" instead of "i approve" it'll take away. just lmk if the thread goes sour tho, i'll try to moderate the situation.
  4. Teo in my next thread if someone turns it into a horror show could I remove a point from someone’s reputation, also Rax always removes a point from me every time I say something bad about FT.
  5. Kazuya is from the Tekken franchise and is one of its main characters, he is often portrayed as a terrible father and puts the world into chaos, if it’s not him its either his dad Heihachi or his son Jin who is a good guy. If you want to sum up the family it is like the Monkey D's but much much worse.
  6. i'm not really familiar with this kazuya character, but yeah, i'd agree his reasoning is off just based on what he's arguing
  7. Might do this here, and is Shades reasoning correct because it seems off to me that Kazuya is gonna launch Luffy into orbit when his attacks can't really harm Luffy to begin with.
  8. mach 12.6k is the exact figure
    can find it here:

    august is the strongest spriggan.

    he'd get the benefit of the doubt more times than not, but they can more or less be considered to be on par with each other.

    also, iirc. i based that off a multiplier. natsu had some small island level feat in base, but his dragon force boosted his stats to island level. i then scaled august to dragon force natsu.

    it'd make him low end island level.
  9. That would help a lot thank you, is August consider to be the strongest spriggan or just on par with Irene?

    Also is there any Island Level feats for him because I can't find any despite his profile saying it.
  10. there's no dc for eileen's meteor feat

    the speed is around mach 13,000(?), but i can dig for an exact figure if you want
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