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  1. Christmas Eve for us iirc
  2. I don't know. When does the gacha end?
  3. are you going to try more later or wait til next year? I wish you the best of luck nonetheless
  4. Thanks.
  5. my condolences
  6. Couldn't stop myself and roll the 2nd time.
    Slightly better since I got 5* CEs that's about it.
  7. First roll was terrible.
  8. I'll just do one now and see how it goes.
  9. good luck mein friend

    or if you don't want to rush, buy them later at the time you rolled Danzou/Suzuka with those SSRs, I always roll around 1pm and it's gotten me some good stuff
  10. Ok. I'll purchase 2 more Ten Rolls.
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