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  1. It's not translated yet
  2. whats the link to last released ft chapter
  3. He makes those threads everyday and nothing.

    Hilarious how Dellinger can come shit talk all day in the FT thread but any mean words about OP is a crime

    Again, if banning me will secure your echo chamber then go ahead. Criticism is a real hard thing to take nowadays, yeah?

    Kay, stop replying to me now. I'm done with you and don't want to converse with you any further beyond this point.
  4. You’re literally an idiot if you don’t understand that MMH hasn’t been warned already.
    Then again, do you just casually forget that I’ve warned you a while ago already?

    Like I said, you make it hard for me not to ban you. You can go rant all you want, at the end of the day you’re still on time out. You lack self reflection and keep bringing up others without even knowing if they’ve been warned or not.

    Did you acknowledge the warning I gave you 2/3 weeks ago? No, you went on and used the usual argument to refute what i’ve said by saying others are doing the same.
  5. So I disagree with something in the series and that means I'm not allowed?

    Sorry if I'm destroying your echo chamber where no one's allowed to criticize OP.

    And I dunno if you're aware of this, but a warning doesn't really exceed further unless I actually see and acknowledge said warning. Jumping right past that without me even seeing it doesn't do much other than show you'd rather just go right to action.

    This dude can casually make threads like this

    And be fine, but I'm some unhinged savage. LEL.

    And no reason at all? I've always given my reasons for disliking characters. Don't give me that half assed excuse.

    At the end of the day, I'm not a mod so I can't do shit against this. Go ahead, bend the rules for others and double standard all you want, I can't stop you.
  6. Ah and the warning was before I saw your posts in the flying fighters thread.

    Whatever you’re going to say won’t change the fact that you’re being toxic
  7. You’re on time out. Honestly I can’t even think of a reason to keep you in PH. All you do is shit on regulars, characters and go on. Of course, you mention how Brook is the best Straw Hat and you like Kaido because of his cube. You hate on almost every character and start shit for no reason at all.

    and please don’t even try to say “ everyone is doing this “ you’re old and hopefully smart enough to not only understand the difference but how hard it is for me to keep you in there if you keep behaving the way you do.

    you came back to PH great. but you’re doing the exact same things why nightfall had you banned.
  8. >Says warning
    >Bans anyway

    Glad to know others can be negative but if I do it it's some sort of crime.

  9. Maybe
  10. you told jorm something about hooking him up with spoilers, if he joined your IC
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