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  1. Finished Net-Juu it was pretty good.
  2. Definitely giving it a go then.

    I'll let you know my progress if that's ok.
  3. The voice acting is good too! I mean I really dislike uguu kawaii voices, so a female lead having a "makise kurisu" type of voice is nice. The old guy is the same as Sanji which made it familiar.
  4. Oh I'm actually interested in the latter one's plot since I recently played a short VN that had something similar and it was really well done despite being only 30 minutes long at most which got me interested in those types of stories.
  5. No they're recent and ongoing. Net-juu was a fall 2017 anime for a first season and ameagari just aired its 3rd episode. But honestly they're both romantic. The latter has a 17 year old girl who fell in love with a 45 year old. So heartwarming. But also kinda weird, but the concept is played tactfully.
  6. Hm I'll try those out then.

    Are they completed?
  7. Wanted to watch Net-juu no Susume and koi wa ameagari no you ni, and felt like after reading the manga they both would be better to see in anime format.

    Recommended btw. Female-lead anime with fanservice not a priority? So pure.
  8. Np.
  9. Thanks
  10. gogoanime and 9anime
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