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  1. Yeah, it's hard to figure out what people want. I think we need to come up with an idea that we can use for movies and films that people want to discuss just like how we are able to get music convo going.
  2. Mhm, late march maybe earliest. I need to get back to posting more on other sections too.

    Problem is the diversity of everything. I like a show? Fact is 3 to 4 members know of it maybe if it isn't a hugely popular one.

    Tbh I'd just watch them, not do essays about them weekly. I feel like that's how everyone feels.

    Same with games.

    But yeah, I'll eventually figure out what really gets people posting
  3. Next song tournament needs to be a one-hit wonder contest. Give it a little bit of time before the next one, though.
  4. No. That was something I was going to host before my main game, but I just went and got my main game ready.
  5. Yeah but to my knowledge there's a micro game incoming? Ink said so.
  6. My game is almost over.
  7. X, can I get into a game before Ava's TMF Themed one? Can hydra or be in the reserves.
  8. Oh I wasn't sure if you thought I was legit back then.

  9. Copy and pasted from our CB talk.

    No, I still think you're one of the legit Mods on the Staff. And I think we work well together on voicing unpopular opinions in the Parliament.
  10. Since we've talked more since you came back, and you having been gone a year, with our last interaction then being your callout to everyone, has your view of me changed? Obviously not counting the callout made in jest.
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