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  1. Glad you enjoyed some, sorry you didn't enjoy Homecoming. Of all the movies I probably would rank Homecoming and Thor: Ragnarok as the highest since they dealt the most with characterization over action. Logan was pretty sharp only due to the contrast of the previous films as well for that very reason, with the splashes of action that made it great for me.

    Civil War and BvS have a lot more in common than they care to admit, though CW was just better put together with better characterization and not made of two colors. Though BvS's Batman warehouse scene was VERY well done. The rest of the movie was a chore and exercise in testing my patience. As for why doesn't Superman just sunbathe all the time? He's not really a character who's meant to trounce other characters for his own enjoyment or show of power unless necessary. Sometimes he'll display his durability, but it's rarely to just do it. He might not even know that's something within his realm of capability. With Doomsday he knew the spear would do it and just went full on stupid.

    Kong was much better than Godzilla, but smacked of character contrivances to push the plot and conflict forward. Helped that John C Reilly was in the film a lot.

    Wonder Woman was sharp. Especially in comparison to the rest of the DCEU. I enjoyed that movie a lot.
  2. Yoshi.

    Anyway...the movies?
  3. Yoshi has been pretty open about his liking of Tifa in the past.
  4. O-oh.

    Well I watched Wonder woman, but I think I won't be able to watch justice league in the coming weeks.

    Wonder woman...hmm...I think I got used to the "not telling" theme because I noticed a lot of it but wasn't really bothered by it. The action was nice, there were some fun moments and generally it's a good movie, but it felt really cheesy to me. I don't know if they wanted to appeal to the female audience more, but I've noticed a lot more emphasis on feelings, especially how the war ended or simply what she based her actions on throughout the whole movie.

    Not only that, every time she fought everything went into slow motion, as if they felt that a female couldn't convey what males do when it comes to fighting without added effort. If that was their thought process I'd say the got it wrong. Was it also necessary to play the same soundtrack every single time she fought?

    Forgot to mention that I had another question about BvS, why not just Sun bathe Supes?

    That's it for now, looking forward to what you got to say.
  5. I was awaiting your full thoughts.
  6. Are my VMs the only ones not worth replying to?
  7. I've been really sick last week and couldn't leave my bed, so I decided to use that time to catch up on some movies. Decided to watch superhero movies, because I know they will always be, at the very least, alright. I've watched Logan, Civil War, GotG2, SM: Homecoming, Thor: Ragnarok, Kong: Skull Island and BvS so far. They were all fairly entertaining, but I've got issues with some of them. Mostly the fact that no thinks or straight up just does stupid shit.

    Logan was alright, although it kinda felt disconnected from everything. One movie you've got a world of mutants, the next it's just two old crippled men taking on the world. Didn't feel like it was connected to the X-men movies at all. Not only that, seeing Charles and Logan so helpless had my mouth sour throughout the whole movie. Even the drug induced moment of brilliance was short lived. And the kids? There's a dozen mutants and no one thinks it would be a good idea to spit fire or something onto "24“? Hell, just distract him for a second with one ranged ability or another and he's probably done for.

    Civil War is pretty much the story of "I'm beating up my friends because I won't listen“. Why did Tony not believe Cap? He should know better than to think Cap is lying and he should be more than aware of the possibility of mind control. Not only does he not believe him, he loses his shit when he sees his parents killed. I know it's brutal and shocking, but the dude literally didn't do it. Black Panther has no issue what so ever accepting the truth about his father's death and simply moves on to do the right things. How does a supergenius like Tony do stupid shit like that?

    GotG2 was alright, I just didn't fancy the overly serious ending or the fact how fast he went from almost zero to max on controlling the celestial powers. All in all an entertaining movie.

    Homecoming might be the one I liked the least for the fact that it was just too childish at times. A whole lot of "not telling anyone“ didn't help either. Not that it was terrible, but I wouldn't have missed out on anything if I didn't watch it.

    Thor is my favourite from the lot. Wasn't expecting anything and ended up receiving some good action, a lot of fun and a bit of badass as well. Thor and Loki had some nice interactions, but Hulk and Korg were my favourites with all the fun that's going on around them. Not forgetting the disappointed look from Hulk when he said "Big monster!“ as Thor told him not to smash for once.

    Kong was quite alright as well. It's hard to put into words what kind of a dumbass you have to be to try and wake a monster up before you even know what you're facing, but...that seems to be the main movie theme recently. "How bad can we fuck up just because we literally didn't stop to think for a split second?". Still, I liked the movie. Watching Kong fight was nice, all the way from the first tree he threw at the chopper to the chain and sick-...chain and propeller in the end.

    Finally, BvS. The pinnacle of . The Batman. Yet another supergenius with yet another chronic case of "lol not listening“. How does someone like that prefer every single other option over dialogue? And Lex...I mean...why did Superman not snap his neck the moment the wheelchair went off? Yo there's this dude who's sabotaging me and killing innocent people...Wait, better go climb a mountain. What?

    I'm not that into comics and my expectations weren't high, so I've had my fair share of entertainment from all the movies and am mostly satisfied with what I've watched. The only things bugging me are just these obvious moments of forced ignorance that feel way out of place.

    I'm watching Wonder Woman and Justice League next, will let you know what I think about them.
  8. Damn it, I knew you were gonna vote for Shibashou.
  9. Also I'm gonna have another mod look over all the posts and see which ones probably shouldn't be counted.
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