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  1. That's completely how some view it.
  2. Shots fired.
  3. I find a white guy who feels like black people or women are somehow going to one day replace them in prominence comes up with more powers of whining.
  4. What? Impossible! Could it be that we will need to summon an even great evil than the warlocks of africa?


    triggered white female?
  5. Good luck.

    You'll need more than an evil african time warlock to move some of the parts of TMF.
  6. That so? Heard they give up 27 years of their life to attain it.

    Guess I'll just make threads wherever and let you take care of the rest.

    We should take up arms and end the wrongdoings of the section breakdowns.
  7. I received the magic from a time travelling african warlock named Nelson Mandela.

    It's meant to talk about things specific to a series or within a series. It's sort of confusing here and there since some things which crossover go within the Manga section and some things don't.

    Honestly I have issues with the breakdown of the super sections altogether.
  8. I wouldn't know, I thought the manga series section was just for discussing titles, not actual content. Was I wrong?

    Black magic, I see.
  9. Moderator magic allows me to see deleted threads as well.
  10. Also I moved your thread to Manga Series since it was series specific.

    Let me know if I did wrong with that.
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