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  1. You could be a Mak, the lowest of scores.

    You're a Kat out of 10.
  2. oh wait... i found one more

    how hurtful am i on that scale?
  3. it seems to be
    don't think there is anything worse
  4. You make it sound like being a Mochi is a bad thing.
  5. a failure again...

    so all in all...

    i am a failure...

    thank you for judging u_u
  6. You're a out of 10.
  7. so a very bad person?

    but you are working for a longer time already

    and you didnt judge the last one

    how much of a negative person am i on the scale?
  8. Reptile is a member of this site I hold in the highest of regards.

    I'm 33 in a dead end job going nowhere fast.
  9. success? i am 26 and i just started working 4 months ago....
    you have to explain reptile .__.

    how much of a bother am i on that scale?
  10. It is if we're talking about success, since that's the only thing I'd gauge success in for our parallel lives.

    You're about a Reptile out of 10 as a person.
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