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  1. A casket and burial and all that jazz.
  2. cheaper than?
  3. I told Lady Mak to donate my body to science because it's cheaper.
  4. let's dust our coffins together
  5. Imagine being nearly 33 then.
  6. Zu and Rave said 22 is ancient
  7. One guy keeps telling me: it's work - who cares.
    And they all keep saying: don't feed the troll about her ._.
  8. That sucks. I'm sorry. Kick her in the butt.
  9. Everyone is pissing me off. Like everything going badly.. Maybe everyone is loaded and bashing at each other for no reason? Idk. There is a troll at work trying to give her work to me while she is doing nothing but small talk woth others
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