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    I've provided so much evidence in the OP
  2. Because she was already messing with something that was already was placed on him, not something new

    He also wasn't focused on her. He was focused on Neinheart

    Why wouldn't it? Her magic was already in place. That's like assuming when August gets serious all Brandy's magic will vanish off of him
  3. Yeah she already used her magic some hours before that on him. That doesnt change the fact she was able to do that a Second time. There is no indication that her magic always works on people she already used it on.
  4. And he wasn't paying attention to her.

    You mean the tumor her magic was ALREADY in place upon?
  5. It doesnt really matter. Natsu said he would fight her and was ready to fight therefore her magic shouldnt apply to him. Yet she was able to manipulate his Organs once again.
  6. Quit ignoring me
  7. No he wasn't.

    Neinheart was attacking Brandish

    Natsu was focused on Neinheart

    The entirety of the reason we said she can scale is because Neinheart was able to resist, Natsu never had the chance.

    She undid something ALREADY in place, dude.
  8. He was just as ready as Neinhart was. Brandish shouldnt have been able to cast any of her magic on Natsu yet she was.
  9. He was not resisting. He wasn't even aware He was about to get attacked
  10. Natsu definitly was resisting. He was ready to fight her in the current chapter. Yet Brandish could still manipulate his body with Di Maria confirming it. She knows Brandish limits.
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