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  1. I see

  2. It's a manga that focuses on scrapped extra ccc material the story is completely unique to itself

    I would never like Sieg
  3. no, I meant is there like a LN or game material for this?

  4. TM are the writers and Seiji is the artist

    I'm joking btw
  5. where is the artist getting the material from though?

    wait what?
  6. Oh they're different it's just really slow even by nasu standards

    I come to like the character doesn't mean I can't hate them prior to that aka sieg

  7. I consider both stories to be different ... material so it's not a good comparison

    well my point is, wait til the end or rather, his death to judge the character's worth to the story
  8. :Avashock

    To give you an example in almost 40 chapters it's done less than illya did in it's 40 chapters and they run in the same magazine

    I don't think you need to know the ending to know as Foxtail is supposedly about tama and ama's relationship and Suzuka is Tama's enemy
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