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  1. Didn't hang on to the working but it's pretty basic. Though I think a I figured out a slightly better way of doing it, so I'll probably redo it lol
  2. Hey, could you post the Mercuphobia calc that you did? Interested in how you did it
  3. Yeah, had a feeling that the CSK speed calc wouldn't fly

    So you want me to scale the area of ishgar? I'll do it when I have time, not sure if I'll be able to do it today though.
  4. Won't fly unless you have panels of Jackal midstep before and after to prove he was in the process of walking, with reference points to show he hadn't taken more than one step. He could've just been standing around confused for all we know.

    Anyway, mind helping me out with this dragon cry shit. Rax is getting annoying lol, I'd do it myself but I do all of this off my phone.

    Basically the same method for finding area as done here.

    But apply it to this.

    I'll look through the movie later for a decent scene of the drgon cry in effect, I just dont have access to pixel measuring on my phone else this shit would be done and dusted months ago

    Want to hear your opinion on this.
  6. Could you check this out? Really wanna know what other people think about this:
  7. Hey, I heard you are a decent calcer right?
    There is this calc on NF, which wasn't accepted for unknown reasons. It wasn't denied, but neither was it accepted.

    Is this applicable in your opinion? And if it isn't then why?
    (Sorry for taking up your time)
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