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  1. Yeah now when im mod i guess its time for me to fully hatch out off my egg.
  2. That's one option. I just mean you should make a strong impression in the first few weeks.

    For example, the first thing GP did as Admin was completely overhaul the emote system i.e. he got the rid of the shit ones.
  3. Are you saying i should start looking for some myself?
  4. Looks like Ultra's found himself some contributors.

    Are you just gonna let him run ahead of you like that?
  5. Yeah being a mod sounds fun but i'm unsure if i can really handle it.
  6. Contributors are always up for consideration.

    PH is a warzone though, we need to be sure you're ready.
  7. But i'm not up for consideration yet right?
  8. That depends

    Will a worthy member step up to take that spot?
  9. Will there be a new PH mod soon?
  10. Yep, i move at a good pace.
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