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  1. You know you are the PH Mod man, you can get rid of those IM threads if you want.

    Not mine though, that one's the best
  2. I'm looking forward to it

  3. Sure, see you in Infinity War.
  4. Well everyone was impressed with my move. I got a 9/10 by the host infact.

    I can still improve on my play but this is a great start. I'm definitely not the dumb townie you encountered in the poison game anymore so you better get ready next time we face off.
  5. Wait, so your victory condition was to get lynched?

    I don't mean to downplay your win but that seems easier than winning as regular town or scum
  6. Basically i made a cool fake cop claim stunt as the jester which made the real cop reveal himself and that resulted in a phase 3 where nobody were sure what to believe. In the end they decided to have me lynched leading me to victory.
  7. No, but I can hardly believe it.

    How'd you do it? I'm not about to read that whole thread lol.
  8. Did you see my jester mafia win, Dofla?
  9. It's not much of a change
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