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  1. yeah, the keyword in social skills is skills. just like driving, hooping, or being blunt as shit and not sugarcoating shit, it takes practice and time and experimenting
  2. I dunno man, I should've been more aware

    true that
  3. well it seems like it might have been his fault too somewhat, you didn't know any better.

    The more we practice, the better we'll be.
  4. awkward moment of the day: I tell the customer his total and he hands me his money. thing is, he's also holding his keys with the hand he has his money in. I think he wants his store discount and is handing me the card attached to his keys so I grab at it ... twice. dude then says no and hands me the money with his other hand. I feel like a fucking retard
  5. I just look up “Watch That 70’s Show” and go on any of the sites listed.
  6. nice

    I wish I had the time to, where you watch it?
  7. Been rewatching a lot of it lately.
  8. as much as I loved that show, I'm not too well versed in its dialogue
  9. You morons just hung vacancy signs on your asses - and my foot's looking for a room! - Red Forman
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