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  1. ... you're gonna have to explain this one to me
  2. Bandhunta McKay Akelvi
  3. nah it’s legit

    I wonder if the reason dental and medical are considered separate is because you can prevent a lot of dental problems on your own, unlike regular healthcare
  4. I don't believe in that, though obviously eliminating sugars and acids will go a long way
  5. Yeah, idk if I wanna go get it fixed. But even aesthetically my teeth ain’t all that.

    I’ve read that some vegetarian diets make it so that you don’t necessarily need to brush your teeth. So sticking exclusively to teeth friendly foods means that you may not need to do anything we know in our oral hygiene.
  6. well that's good for the smile but it's super vulnerable

    indeed, my dad didn't take good care of his teeth when he was younger. genetics help out a lot too, as evidenced by my coworker. dude didn't have the best so his teeth were weak. he also broke his fake one like my dad, eating a super crispy piece of food lmao
  7. yeah, it's not the visible part of the tooth

    that sucks. honestly i think when it comes to dental the best medicine is just preventative maintenance.
  8. the back? so you can't see it from the front?

    my dad broke two of his front teeth (they were dentures tho) a month ago and is shopping around for prices. I heard it'd take 5k to 10k
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