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  1. Middle age

    I just gave up trying to message him since he never replies
  2. pretty good. another year gone, another inch closer to middle age like u

    i totally forgot to message sagepain btw
  3. Yo

    It’s cool

    How’ve you been?
  4. daph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 sorry for not responding to u on discord. i didnt actually see the message until recently & figured it was a bit late to respond
  5. Hey Schnarf
  6. Had me laughing with your comment, "i thought he liked things that arent mature"

  7. heh good luck

    oh is eagle still around?

  8. ill try messaging him later. he better not ignore me...
  9. I know :lol:

    Yeah I do see them too when I get on psn. I’ve tried messaging Sage before.... but he never responds so I just gave up
  10. lol ik i was kidding

    damn YG huh? thats a blast from the past. havent thought about him in years
    i see RZ & sagepain on PSN all the time. occasionally ill talk to RZ about a new game, havent ever talked to sagepain tho. maybe ill message him sometime
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