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  1. I'm going to pull up to your house with some big butts.
  2. Hey X, I've been thinking..

    I think you and I can actually form a powerful force if we ride together. You're like a volcano, it's been sleeping for a while but once it bursts it'll be tremendous.

    I always admire power, and I know you got that.

  3. mostly single player, im playing assassins creed origins right now. the only MP i play somewhat consistently is overwatch
  4. what games do u play??
  5. thx
  6. Done. hbd my queen
  7. add me: SchnarfTacular
  8. Yes I do, bb. Just got one for Christmas.
  9. do u have a ps4?
  10. I am an ELITE vessel that has been doing this for a span of eons. You are fresh to your vessel and must INCREASE your power level or risk being DELETED
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