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  1. You were antagonizing me after the IQ thread when i was playing devils advocate. Even when I was literally praising black history lol. I know you’re emotional about the black folk thing, but you’re against the wrong person. I love black people. Those racial shit is just to spite you. All races are equal. We are 1.
  2. can't constantly demean black people and expect to get respect from me for it. it's not cute.
  3. alex: *constantly says racist shit*
    *gets called out for it*
  4. Why are you such a butthurt pussy acting like I hate black people. We used to be tight, nigga.
  5. Say happy thanksgiving

    Shit sounds like a murder to me
  6. You're not the only one.
  7. made me re-watch the whole majin vegeta fiasco with all those vegeta gifs you're posting
  8. Aight. Hows life?
  9. I'm sorry, I don't have a way to outside of this site.
  10. Teo, can you contact Spade?
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