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  1. Let's go all the way to the top.
  2. We need to be dominant. Our voice is important. We have a huge impact and can bring entertainmet value whenever we want.
  3. Do we dare make such an unholy alliance? What are your ambitions? I want to know what I'm lending my strength to, first.
  4. Hey X, I've been thinking..

    I think you and I can actually form a powerful force if we ride together. You're like a volcano, it's been sleeping for a while but once it bursts it'll be tremendous.

    I always admire power, and I know you got that.

  5. I'm ready to back you up to save your forums. I usually stay on my own lane, but this is no time for that. So if you have any plans for me let me know about it.
  6. I Pm'ed you. Why you ignore
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