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  1. it's waaaaaaaaaaay too early for marriage, they're not going to end the season on that

    regardless, you'll definitely like the episode, all the grills return
  2. They do

    They don't

    They do?
  3. Don't tell me they don't marry each other
  4. did you? then you can watch animu from there

    btw, the episode was raunchy af, truly the epitome of Japanese culture
  5. I have no ancient phone you fuckI bought one last year, didn't you know

  6. you're posting on TMF from your ancient phone right?
  7. Yeah well you aren't wrong

    I did stuff when drunk that shouldn't be told lmao
  8. But I'm not home hmph
  9. didn't get the notification .____.

    isn't drunk time the best time for you to oogle lolis though
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