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  1. Nicely done.

    Keep watching and see for yourself.

  2. I just finished season 1, and from seeing that the show definitely doesn't deserve the hate it gets.

    the end bit where he almost becomes a hollow was great, starting s2 now.
  3. His dad is quite the joker.
  4. The dad just danced in front of his wifes grave WTF
  5. I am
  6. I'm off to sleep, for real this time.

    Go watch some more.
  7. I cant be bothered to check grammar, I have lazing around to do
  8. Laze for sure, although I was thinking more like...lazy.
  9. You really expect me to type out spoiler tags?

    What do you take me for, not laze?
  10. Pretty much how I felt a month ago.

    RIP spoiler tags though.
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