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  1. Thanke Ser.
  2. done
  3. Yo unban me from the UBD.
  4. It just feels wrong having you as not Teo.

    Just do it, I changed like 10 times and got one point which expired after few weeks.
  5. you don't like hendrix?

    but don't i have to wait two months or something tho?

  6. Change your name back to Teo.
  7. Oh it was about FT.


    More like joking, but I was serious about the Brandish thing.

    I was mainly joking about the Jacob > Neinhart > Brandish thing, cause it took Natsu's Dragon king Mode to take him down, while Neinhart was taken down by nameless punch.
  8. can't tell if baiting
  9. Indeed you should.
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