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  1. mach 12.6k is the exact figure
    can find it here:

    august is the strongest spriggan.

    he'd get the benefit of the doubt more times than not, but they can more or less be considered to be on par with each other.

    also, iirc. i based that off a multiplier. natsu had some small island level feat in base, but his dragon force boosted his stats to island level. i then scaled august to dragon force natsu.

    it'd make him low end island level.
  2. That would help a lot thank you, is August consider to be the strongest spriggan or just on par with Irene?

    Also is there any Island Level feats for him because I can't find any despite his profile saying it.
  3. there's no dc for eileen's meteor feat

    the speed is around mach 13,000(?), but i can dig for an exact figure if you want
  4. Could I have the DC/SPEED Irene's Meteor Feat?
  5. something like that, yeah
  6. Question DF's are not equalised in verse equalisation because they live outside the natural flow of power (Eg Chakra, Magic, Haki, Ki).
  7. sure thing. go for it.
  8. Is it okay if I start the character tournament soon?
  9. sure. i'd personally recommend waiting a bit first, tho. since there's been an abnormal amount of tournament's held recently the members are suffering a bit from tournament burnout, and they probably wouldn't enthusiastically participate in another one so soon; as evidenced by how poorly this current tournament is running, as well as the last one somewhat.

    but i'm fine with whatever tournament idea you have in mind. best of luck with it, and if you ever need help or have other questions always feel free to message me about it.
  10. Your correct, I want to dazzle it up with the large amount of character battles and promote certain series using them more in the battledome like the ones I mentioned because usually we get now is FT Vs OP (Ableit we are actually having different threads now with the animals and zombies which is a great change). So on you think its a good idea to be carried out, I will be fine with any choice mate?
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