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  1. Yeah, I meant the quote that Aquarius said. I guess you're right, your explanation makes sense. I myself wasn't sure what she meant.
    Then yeah, I agree that Mard should definetly scale to casual CSK.
  2. couldn't find the quote you were referring to

    if you're talking about what aquarius said here:

    then it just means she believed that the celestial king was strong enough to one-shot any of his enemies in general. wasn't a reference to any specific attack.
  3. Didn't Aquarius hype his "strike from the stars" to destroy anything in his path? It was the attack that destroyed the Cube. That does imply that it wasn't a casual attack, at least that's the way I understood it.
  4. i believe he scales to the csk. the csk's cube busting feat was very casual and mard's demonstrated more than enough to compete with his casual strength. mard was even holding back in their fight, iirc.
  5. Hey Tokio, what would you say about Mard Geer's scaling? Does he scale to the CSK or not? Cause CSK was shown to be above him.

    If he doesn't scale, what does he scale to?
  6. It was still a part of her outlier feat though. It's like taking a feat and considering a part of it an outlier and the other not.
  7. yes. since she didn't need to match or even come close to the meteors full speed just to reach it.
  8. Then this literraly makes no sense. We consider the fact that Erza reacted to and damaged the meteor an outlier, but the speed she uses to reach the said meteor who she is reacting to in the feat is not an outlier?
  9. because it's an outlier for erza
  10. Hmm, I have another question. I think I asked it a long time ago but I never got a clear answer.

    Erza is Mach 700 because of her speed that she used to get to the meteor. But why doesn't she have SubRel reactions? Irene obviously can react to the Meteor cause it's her attack, but Erza actually reacted onscreen.
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