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  1. Hmmm fair enough
  2. they just don't really have feats that'd concretely put them above small-island level, so arguments for them having a higher standing would be met with a lot of opposition that couldn't be sufficiently refuted. honestly, could probably make a case for e.n.d., but gray is a definite negative on the island level scaling.
  3. Why though? END was hyped to be a match for Zeref himself
  4. small-island
  5. Btw, where does END Natsu alongside Gray scale to? Are they small island via scaling to FDKM or island via scaling to Irene/August?
  6. Yeah it really is. It really ruined the FT ending. We didn't even see their dragon forms
  7. oh ok

    yeah, i have her as small city here. she could probably be low end city level, but there's nothing around that level for her to scale to afaik.

    unfortunate that mashima rushed the story so much. there was a lot of unrealized potential in her and the rest of the dragon slayers.
  8. Oh, I didn't imply that I think she scales to small island lol, that's definetly far above her paygrade. I just have no idea who she scales to.

    She seems to be still below spriggan level, so small city level+ perhabs?
  9. nah, i wouldn't say wendy scales.

    she was just a perfect counter for eileen imo.
  10. And what about Wendy? Her feats are weird in Alvarez

    She was losing against Dimaria while in Draong force, but then managed to slow down Irene.
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