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  1. it think it's more about the perception of me rather than me being weird


    i wouldn't know what else to tell you since you're being vague as hell
  2. There's a lot more people similar to me than there are to you.

    You're a weird person. And accordingly, you usually make people feel something when you post, and reign it in enough to be entertaining rather than a perpetual freak. Usually. It's good though cos it gives me the impression you just like doing you.

    I love myself as well, but I'd still say I don't come across as unusual. That might just be because you have unusual interests or spent more figuring out what you yourself like.
  3. i don't know why you'd think you're not unique, or i am - for that matter

    what would make me different from you in... uniqueness degree?
  4. I'm a sexy mofo for one.

    hmm. what makes me unique

    It's something that I'd have to think over. At the moment, I don' feel I'm at all unique.

    My mindset's probably in the minority, as I can't stand to accept how we're expected to live. And I'm taking action to avoid that. And I've been told I have unusual interests for a black guy and they're quite varied. Ranging from painting, anime, reading and writing literature, boxing classes, history, bodybuilding. That hardly makes me unique though.

    You're a bit more of an oddball than me so that's why I asked you. You're the most unique person here I'd say
  5. that's a more punctual analysis than any i could hope to do for myself lol

    and yet i bet you notice, as you were enlisting factors for this or that aspect of yourself, you could think of tons more that could have contributed even in minimal part to it. As well as the aspects of yourself, since i think being patient, christian and introvert are all traits that belong to you, but they don't quite define you. I can tell even while not knowing you that much.

    a lot of people are introverts or religious (or introvert AND religious), but these aren't the things that make you unique. What makes you unique?
  6. It depends. Probably requires some introspection.

    I'm a calm person by nature, but my brother's autistic so that multiplied my patience a 1000x times over.

    I love the tranquillity of being alone, cos I'm an introvert and it recharges my batteries and soothes me. But I also know I like the freedom that comes with not having to answer to anyone because of restrictions at home.

    My belief in the supernatural is due to personal experiences moreso than being born into Christianity. My belief in God lacked weight for a long time, but looking at biology, psychology and history has strengthened it. As has reading the bible and seeing how it applies to modern life.

    My personal ambitions were born through silly things like anime, video games and such, but reading about certain historical figures or even literature has made me think they're entirely possible. I'd say a good chunk of my worldview comes from the literature and non-fiction I've read.

    There's a lot of other things that make me who I am, but those are things I've noticed of myself.
  7. i wouldn't know how to answer tbh

    what about you? Are you able to summarize the reason why you are what you are? I don't know if it's possible but it certainly isn't easy, and you won't find any deterministic result to compare with other people.
  8. What do you think are your habits or influences that make you unique
  9. what do you mean?

    are you memeing me?
  10. Yo crispy,

    Since you're the most unique snowflake here, what do you think contributes to that?

    Is it that you just consume different content than most people? Hang out with with other unique peorsona? it's a good quality to have so figured I'd ask.
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