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  1. Oh, ho, ho.

    Good on you, man. I'm sure you'll do great if you work hard.

    Just keep seeking knowledge from the best in those fields and apply that knowledge.

    If you keep taking massive action on what you learn you'll improve much quicker than those who dilly dally
  2. You've inspired me to learn copywriting, marketing, and sales myself.

    Funny cause you "sold" me on why I should learn these things, and here I am trying to.
  3. au revoir mon ami
  4. hey fam

    i'm actually only back for the day, i wanted to get in a few goodbyes more formally
  5. oh hey, welcome back dude
  6. Trying to get a lot done. I think ill be more active in a few months
  7. Boldilocks, are you ever gonna be more active around here fam? I miss you and your wisdom. At the same time though, it's important to me that you achieve all your goals, cause as much fun as this place can be you've got a life
  8. lol just as bad

    Nigga is banging pussy and he still going back to a mans ass?

  9. I know what you mean. I don’t mind subtle gay people, but the ones like EJ Johnson are pretty sketchy. Still, when I see news of how some dad shot his own son for something out of his control, I just don’t understand how any religious person can justify stuff like that. Kids don’t ask to be brought into this world, so the least you can do is provide for them.

    How would you feel if your son was bi?
  10. i'd be devastated. but yh, i wouldn't disown him. pretty sure it'll constantly haunt me re. where i went wrong.

    I'd probably do my best to make sure he's at least a masculine homosexual rather than a raging faggot but the fact he's gay alone would be pretty disconcerting.
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