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  1. here ya go

    He's doing alright as far as i'm concerned. What will determine his success this term is progress on the wall.

    I find him pretty likable. what he did to pelosi yesterday was hilarious for instance. i like what he represents.
  2. So Bold, any bright spots you see in Trump's Presidency so far?

    Also, when you praise him, are you just memeing or do you seriously like him?
  3. I did, you have my thanks.

    how was your christmas man
  4. Did you like your gifts?
  5. Oh, ho, ho.

    Good on you, man. I'm sure you'll do great if you work hard.

    Just keep seeking knowledge from the best in those fields and apply that knowledge.

    If you keep taking massive action on what you learn you'll improve much quicker than those who dilly dally
  6. You've inspired me to learn copywriting, marketing, and sales myself.

    Funny cause you "sold" me on why I should learn these things, and here I am trying to.
  7. au revoir mon ami
  8. hey fam

    i'm actually only back for the day, i wanted to get in a few goodbyes more formally
  9. oh hey, welcome back dude
  10. Trying to get a lot done. I think ill be more active in a few months
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