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  1. So far. Lady Mak is house sitting for a family member so the home is a bit more empty than normal. Always nice to have a little space, but at the same time it's not.
  2. Just chilling. Life good?
  3. Hey man. What up?
  4. Hey fucker.
  5. How are you?
  6. Still the same heroin den it ever was. But I don't think I'd ever move, either. lol
  7. I'm still in the same place but I don't think I'll ever leave my city unless something major happens. What about you? How's New Mehico?
  8. Yeah, time flies like crazy.

    Still living in the same place? Ever think of moving around Canada?
  9. You know what, it's going pretty good. I'm at a younger grade than I would have ever picked for myself, but they're a great group of kids and they keep me busy. I honestly can't believe I'm halfway through November.
  10. Teaching, right?

    How do you enjoy it?
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