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  1. I mean, it'll be nice if we can just walk into a doctor's office and not have to worry about copays and stuff, but medicine and specialists are so much more expensive and wonky that I can't imagine Amazon just paying like 400 chemotherapists in the off chance someone has cancer.
  2. Yeah, that's too bad considering how fucked America's healthcare is.
  3. Unless the company has like a small network of specialists we MUST see. Otherwise I have no clue.
  4. That's true. Because if someone really bad happens and a general doctor can't take care of it, there's still that price to pay. I like it at a basic level, but I don't really see how people can abandon insurance to do it.
  5. There's a chance if companies like JP Morgan or Amazon use it a lot of companies might start doing it.

    The only problem I see is insurance isn't really going away since prescriptions and specialists are going to be needed.
  6. Very interesting. Do you think something like that would work in the US on a larger scale?
  7. So far. Lady Mak is house sitting for a family member so the home is a bit more empty than normal. Always nice to have a little space, but at the same time it's not.
  8. Just chilling. Life good?
  9. Hey man. What up?
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