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  1. ehehe,I thought I was silently silenced,but the topics were already discussed enough for me that I didnt care.
    I wonder whenever people will see my topics if i just put them in Ez right away.
  2. And that's absolutely fine. We have the EZ for that as well. I just don't want to seem like a dick because I've moved a few of your Cafe threads into the EZ and I wanted you to know why.
  3. Idk maybe.
    To some extent I always try to make it more like a topic rather than this is my question give me an answer.
    However,sometimes I am trying to resolve personal stuff trough opinions of others.
    The newest topic I opened is not a personal topic.
    I was just bored and decided to see whenever other people noticed this and what they think about it.
  4. Hey man, just so you know, the Cafe isn't really for personal stories or comments from people. If you have something to say, do you think maybe you can find a way to try to turn it into a general thread so more people can comment on it?
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